Now Get Social With Like-Minded Strangers Via Treetins Social Network

Review of Treetins, interest based social network that has been built with an intention to promote positive interactions between strangers.



Yet another social network after sharing a list of 19 Indian social networks of 2013. Well, Treetins is not another social network but a place where you would like to bump on to a stranger with similar interests. The Mumbai based company has been built with an intention to promote positive interactions between strangers.

The network which boasts of minimalistic design has social logins along with an email login. I logged in via Facebook and the home screen looked like the below screen grab.


Express opinions and converse

The cool and simple design caught my eyes. The primary activities to be performed on the network is to express and converse. Before I could express opinion or find interest, I updated my profile which is available on the home page. Neat and quick one.

Expressing opinion on an interest is similar to posting an update where you can update text, link, video and image. The below screen grab gives a quick look of adding text and other required fields while expressing opinion on the network.


Converse is a feature that asks you to look for interests and based upon that you bump on to strangers. I tried searching for my personal interests but since the network still smells fresh so I tried my hands on ‘popular interests.’ These interests are displayed as Twitter hashtags and work like keywords. I clicked on #life to find some interesting thoughts. I also expressed the desire to converse with a stranger. The below screen grab shows my desire to converse with the stranger.


While one expresses the desire to reach out to a stranger, one is only aware of the location and how many people have shown the desire to be friends with that stranger. If the stranger accepts the request then the detailed profile is visible and the user is added on ‘my bench.’

Will you join a stranger-friendly social network?

Interacting with strangers on social networks might not be an exciting idea unless you are looking for a date. However bringing the idea of interests could be the exciting bit; it would then require user traction which could be a challenge.

The design is simple and neat but the commenting feature on the wall could be made smarter by incorporating nesting comments. Expression dialog box could be simpler and smarter too. Adding features like voting up or liking a particular thought could be a great add-on.

Nevertheless, these features will get better with time. Right now Treetins is doing its job without any glitches. It would be interesting to know how the Founders plan to take the network to the next level, what new features are most likely to come in the near future and how are they planning to spike up the user base.

While we try to get thoughts from the Founders in another post, do give the network a spin and let us know your experience of bumping onto a stranger.