Times Internet Launches HappyTrips – Your Guide For The Next Trip

Review of HappyTrips - a travel guide platform from Times Internet


Happytrips_Times_InternetPlanning my next trip or vacation will get better with Happy Trips – a platform that promises to explore unknown locations, and create fun for consumers wherever they go. Still in beta,, Happy Trips intends to be the go-to destination in the travel category with curated travel advice and actionable-and up-to-date information to inspire readers. It is an initiative by Times Internet (TIL), the digital arm of India’s largest media group, The Times of India Group.

Things I can do at Happytrips

At the face Happy Trips looks like a travel magazine. With me having no fun in the weekends specially, I thought of clicking on the sub–category Weekend Getaways. The site pulled out all the content tagged under the category such as 5 hill stations in Maharashtra to getaway, 7 weekend getaways from Bengaluru, among others. One can explore the destinations and thereafter if one has been there, they can share their experience or add it to the wishlist if they want to explore.

Rest of the categories like Hotels, Things To Do, and Eating Out are classified the same way. The interesting category in all this is the Guide section. These guides provide extensive information about a location. For example I clicked on the Goa Travel Guide and the article had information about where to stay, what to eat, things to do, where to shop, et al. All this information is packed with map details and associated information to help ease your decision-making for the trip.

Is Happytrips effective in tour planning?

The site is quite fresh and the design is appealing. Right now the site covers close to 200 Indian destinations and another 100 destinations around the world but it is going to grow with time. The content has been curated well but would need more information going further. Right now I can get interesting information but I can’t plan my trip. Adding a social layer over the platform could be a great feature.

For now it is a travel magazine on the web but could be more interesting if at some point the creators would connect it with Times City; that can add a lot of value and reviews about destinations. The plan to go mobile is also on the cards in the near future, according to the company.

With this launch Happytrips jumps into a market which isn’t virgin, however, how the platform matures from here would be the key factor. I am positive about HappyTrips’ growth, specially since it comes from the Times Internet stable, but I wonder why did it not launch only for mobile in this mobile first world?