A Look At Dating App Thrill That Has Pivoted And Simplified Dating

Thrill Dating app pivots and makes a simplified dating process. We review the android app that lets singles view photos, message and take the conversation further

Thrill Dating Android App

I am a married man but if I am asked what would I like to see on a dating site then it has to be these:

1. Definitely a simple mobile first app.

2. Dating is about checking out profiles and showing interest to take the conversation further.

3. Finally it should be secure. You don’t want a dating site to be a porn site (Indian dating sites mostly end up in becoming a porn site.)

Thrill, the mobile first dating app which was reviewed at LI earlier has undergone a re-boot or pivot. The beta version has got a new look and ticks all the check boxes that a dating app should have. The app is simple, does the job and has some interesting features to get more downloads.

I downloaded the Android app for testing purpose. I logged into the dating app via my Facebook account in which my relationship status is mentioned as ‘Married’. And surprisingly Thrill allowed me in! The android app from dating site Truly Madly is smarter here and reminded me that I have already got a partner so I should stop looking around. The creators of Thrill should look into this since this could drive a lot of unwanted spam on the app.

Besides the Facebook login takes too long. May be some tweaks could be applied for a quick log in and to reduce the abnormal crashes.

The below screen grab is what you see when you log into the app.


Thrill pulls up a list of suitable matches for you depending on the age and location settings mentioned in the app. If you like a profile, tap on it and you will see additional images of the user if she has provided. If you like the profile then you can show interest by clicking on the love icon or just swiping on the right. If the selected profile accepts then you can start chatting. Thrill has a messaging option which was there in the older version too.

The app has a profile tab that allows you to add images and a status. Thrill states that users can add Velfie or a video selfie to the profile but I was not able to locate the option. May be the feature will be rolled out in the near future. However, Velfie - 5-10 second video clip of a user will be a great feature to increase engagement on Thrill.

Besides, Settings tab allows you to change the search and age range settings in the app. One can also invite friends and provide feedback to the app developers.

Dating simplified?

With comparisons bound to happen with international players like Tinder, Thrill has re-booted for the good. The simplification is a big move from their older version and we had recommended this.

It is good to see that the founders of the Thrill app have decided to shred the extra weight such as interests from the app and provided a minimalist look, making it easy to enjoy the core purpose but I am trusting that Tinder is keeping security at top priority. Content moderation would be another challenge as I noticed a male profile popping up in the stream. A common behavior but the creators of the app will have to monitor such content.

Single and want to find some love in your nearby area then do give Thrill a try and you won’t be disappointed. If you have already used it then do drop your feedback here.