SocioBoard Wants To Be Your Open Source Social Media Dashboard. Can It?

Review of SocioBoard app which is an open source social media management dashboard.

SocioBoard Social Media Managment app

Social media networks need to be streamlined otherwise you will get lost. A common problem that has been solved by a lot of social media dashboard startups already and SocioBoard is another startup trying to grab a pie from the existing market. The Mumbai based startup calls itself an open source product in social media space, the first of its kind globally from India. There have been Indian startups in the past that have tried to crack the space, they have had to face challenges. So it was interesting to give SocioBoard a spin.

SocioBoard has a quick login process with the availability of social login. With a Facebook login I made my way into the product and the home screen looks like the below screen grab.


The Home page at the moment looks a bit cluttered but the product demo video could be a good help. To start with you can add your social media accounts so that SocioBoard becomes active. I tried adding my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I restricted myself from giving access to the Facebook page of my business as the app wanted to post automatically. I don’t trust automatic posting but if you are keen you can give it a try.

Once the profiles are added you would see the Home page adding snapshots of your connected accounts. If addition of Google ads could be avoided within the app then it would be really great for the user experience.

Home page also gives a quick snapshot of the incoming messages, new Twitter followers and Facebook fans. A good quick utility but could be made neater. May be going ahead the startup could add a graph feature that could quickly depict the growth of fans/followers.

Apart from the Home screen, the app has other major sections displayed right at the top such as Message, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery, Reports and Groups.

‘Messages’ is a smart inbox where you can not only keep a track of all the messages from different social networks but even add as a task. The message screen can be sorted on networks and other activity types which comes quite handy.


Feeds as the name suggests pulls out all the feeds from the social networks and you can interact on them from the app itself rather than going to each network individually. Publishing is another feature which isn’t a new utility but again much required for a social media dashboard. From here you can schedule your messages for different social networks. But at the same time the Discovery feature that allows you to search for people looked quite basic for now. The suggestions feature looked rugged and the site couldn’t handle the request too.

Reports feature provides you the social network’s activity details and Groups tab lists all the groups that one has joined on social networks. Groups feature can be made interesting if there is a sorting feature similar to the Message feature.

In a nutshell SocioBoard allows you to manage your entire social media activities such as creating messages, posting, scheduling, searching, adding team members, etc. from the dashboard app.

Can it stand against the established bigger giants?

Social media dashboard market is a fairly crowded space. With Hootsuite being the global player and the likes of Sprout Social, Buffer, TweetDeck, SocialBro, among others offering, something unique would be a challenge for SocioBoard but I am ready to be surprised.

Right now the app does a decent job with the functions. However the app could still work on giving a seamless experience, at times it behaves abnormally when it is not able to take requests and logs you out of the app.

The app is free to use for 30 days and has premium solutions for agencies and enterprise. Free option for 30 days could be a barrier at a time when other major apps are providing free services. Perhaps the app can just provide limited accounts such as one page + one Twitter profile.

Nevertheless, give it a try and let me know if you would be keen to ditch your social media dashboard app and give SocioBoard a try. Besides if you have some specific requirements that you wished on your app then this is the time to share them in the comments and the team at SocioBoard can pick it up and incorporate at their end.