QStacks Tries To Be Another Question Answer Community

QStacks is a Q&A based community started by Musthafa Ullal and his team, where users can ask anything related to Web and Technologies along with Social Media

With more people turning to the Internet for seeking answers than to ask them personally (Thank Google for that!), the importance of Q&A community is ever growing. From the sites like Yahoo Answers to Quora (which is pretty addictive), the networks based on knowledge sharing always have their own niche audience. QStacks is one such Indian endeavor started by Musthafa Ullal and his team, where people can ask anything related to Web and Technologies along with Social Media.

How does QStacks work?

Logging in to the site can be done via a simple form filling or a Facebook login which takes you to their home page. In terms of user interface, the site does not have that great an appeal to be attractive. The home page is laden with recent questions and answers by the community along with some stats around the users and the questions asked on the right hand side layout.

QStacks.com Interface

The top layout is divided in the below sections:

All Activity: Gives you the recent activities performed by the users on the site. The most recent questions asked get featured at the top and you can view their ‘views’ along with user generated votes (vote up/vote down feature).

Questions: Does almost the same thing except only showing you recent questions asked. This you can also sort by ‘Most Viewed’ and ‘Most Answered’ which is a must have in any Q&A community.

HOT! Features all the popular and trending questions on the site which the users can look up to.

Unanswered: Gives you the list of un-asnwered questions which you can look up and answer if you have any relevant answer to share with the community on the subject.

Tags: Tags, as the name suggests, gives you the overview of the most used tags and gives you the ability to search on any preferred tag or subject. You can put in multiple tags in your questions for the users to make your questions easy to find and answer.

Users: Top users on the community who have been pretty active on the site. The point system is integrated with the user system (based on Gold/Silver/Bronze) and you can bag those badges depending on your activity and quality of your answers. The different types of badges and the user tasks to earn those badges have been provided in the ‘Badges’ section on the top navigation menu.

Asking a question on QStacks takes you to a form like interface where you can ask the question of your choice and choose a specific category along with a small description for your question. The questions when submitted are moderated at first and once approved will appear on the stream to be answered by users. QStacks claims to have a group of experts who moderate the site to build a ‘better world’.

How does QStacks score in comparison to other Q&A communities?

For a technology geek like me who likes to browse content and know more about ‘things; QStacks doesn’t offer me anything different from already existing sites like stackoverflow (the website does look ‘inspired’ by Stackexchange in bits and pieces) and Quora.

Design and UI are one of the main things that make me come to any site, and QStacks on that front doesn’t look like a finished product. The community as of now has more than 750 registered users and around 1,000 questions asked.

According to SimilarWeb, the website comes under 40,000 in India as far as local traffic is concerned. The ads in between the questions and the user feed  is a bit of a turnoff while surfing the questions and act as a complete distraction to the user experience. Any Q&A site/communities success totally depends on the quality of it’s user base, and QStacks needs to build and grow on the same concept to succeed further.

Have you tried QStacks yet? Let us know what you think of this Q&A community.