Zammrs, A Social Platform For Public Discussions And Sharing Of Ideas

Review of Zammrs, a social platform for public discussion and sharing of ideas started by Mrinal Srivastava

Platforms for like-minded discussions were never out of fashion. The change has been by wrapping the social layer above these platforms. Zammrs is one such social platform that has been developed by Mrinal Srivastava, previously an Associate Director at Indian School of Business. Along with his team at Techpreneurs India, Mrinal had launched the platform with an objective that people should have discussions in a focused manner and also voice opinions at Zammrs.

That was enough for me to give Zammrs a try and find out how does the platform work and what is cool about the social network.

How does Zammrs work?

With a Facebook login, accessing the platform was quick. However, the platform does have a regular login for users who wouldn’t want to give access to their personal data. Zammrs, which has the cards view can be grouped into features like – Home, Conversations, Trending, Snapshot, Clubs, Blogs and Events.

The Home section allows you to start a conversation in the form of status updates. One can add all forms of media including images, video, music, links, etc. to make an interesting conversation. These updates can be shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter if one wants to do so. Besides this you get the list of Trending Discussions happening on the platform. On click of the discussions, you get the entire details of the discussion and you can perform activities like – Like, Dislike, Comment, Recommend and Save To Scrapbook.

The Home page also lists you the Trending Club that you can browse and even join them if you would fancy. The below screen grab gives you the hint of the Home page.

Conversations is a snap shot of all the activities that are being performed by your network on the platform. Conversation is further sub-divided into – All Updates, Network Feeds and Group Posts. The platform provides the option of creating custom lists and follow the activities in the Conversations section.

Trending, as the name suggests, shows all the conversations that are trending and most talked upon. Additionally, the section provides categorization of trending photos, videos and music. The platform is also showing trending tweets from Twitter and trending videos from YouTube. Though you can’t do much with the tweets other than just reading them but at least you can see the videos from YouTube.

Snapshot is a the complete details of your activities at one place. So the tabular section shows you the posts posted by you, friends, albums, videos, blogs, clubs, scrapbook and profile settings. The section also gives you a list of suggested friends that one would like to follow and make the experience better on the platform.

The platform also provides you to create a blog for yourself and follow other blogs that are on the platform. Events is a another feature that Zammrs wants to incorporate but it is a coming soon feature. In addition, the platform also has a feature of messaging, instant notifications and online chat.

Do we really need Zammrs?

Zammrs is unlike any other social network with required features. However, the platform has been built on the concept of starting discussions, participating in discussions and based on these activities you earn an influence score. So the greater the score, the more you are influential but why not list the subjects that make you influential.

Features like clubs and blog make it interesting but such social platforms would always have a challenge to drive traffic from the bigger networks. However, Zammrs has integrated the functionalities of Facebook API on top of its platform. It would be interesting to know on how the traction has been for Zammrs and what new features users can expect in the coming feature.

So would you be keen to give a try to Zammrs or are you good on your existing social network?