Wizters - Your Anonymous College Network That Lacks The Punch

Review of Wizters which is an anonymous social network which claims to be aimed at college students.

With Facebook supposedly losing its fad and more and more people by the day demanding better social networking sites, the concept of niche social networking sites have come in to the picture. Wizters is one such social network which claims to be aimed at college students. Internet is synonymous with anonymity. Before the social media craze, anonymity was one of the main reasons users turned to the internet to voice their concerns and have discussions where their true identity is not revealed. Wizters is trying to bring the ‘anonymity’ factor back mixed with the social layer.


How does the college network work?

Wizters considers your college network and allows you to discuss, gossip around your network. Logging in to Wizters is through signing up a form and choosing your college network. However, the college list is not detailed and can accommodate much more than the existing ones. For me, Mumbai University has hundreds of colleges within and it could have been good if I could have chosen my college. Wizters is also available for Windows and Android phones. The Android version is still in beta and not available on play store (works only till Android 3.0 devices). According to a story on NextBigWhat, the full versions of the Android,iOS and Blackberry apps  would be available till June this year, along with a mobile enabled website.

Wizter allows you to follow your college network and you can also keep in touch around the gossip and news surrounding other college networks as well. You can share your updates publicly (share with all the networks) or privately (share with your networks only). You can also use hashtags to segregate conversations (as in Twitter) around a specific topic.

If you have a crush on someone in your college and want to find out if the same is reciprocated by the other person, you can check that through Wizters. The application asks you to fill the email id of your crush along with rating your feeling for her/him on the scale of 5. The application guarantees that your identity would not be revealed throughout the process but only when the crush has indicated that they have an interest in you too, through Wizters. The concept is somewhere on the lines of popular application named ‘Bang with Friends’ although mellowed down to a college crowd.

Design and features

When it comes down to design, Wizters still looks like a beta product which might need improvement in terms of usability and look and feel. The profile page looks amateurish and has a scope for improvement. When it comes to conversations, there is hardly any. One thing about being anonymous is - you can be what you can’t be in real life. The messages don’t go beyond a ‘Hi’ from users and the generic questions about a ‘Girl being there?’ on the network.

Content curation on the network might be a challenge on the network to avoid too much spamming and keeping the community to serve it’s basic purpose which is discussions and updates. The network will also be adding SaSi which will allow voice gossips along with voice emailing between users. The feature is in beta right now and we are hoping would be added soon to the application.

Wizters Home

You can search different colleges on the left search bar and follow their updates and happenings. The ‘Face Mash’ feature is coming soon to the site where you can compare which one of your friends is hotter (a concept popularized by Mark Zuckerberg in the pre Facebook era).

Is it a cool college network?

According to me, the term anonymity and social don’t go hand in hand. If you are anonymous, you can’t be speaking to people socially. It is just men without faces conversing with each other. And I am all for such a network around colleges, but the implementation of Wizters is not up to the mark of being a network of sorts.

It needs massive improvements in terms of design and features if it wants to expand in to the overall college networking space in India. The conversations aren’t there, all I get on my timeline are people looking out for girls. And if you don’t have that, there is nothing else worth exploring (although I am sure the creators would be working on adding apps to the network in the future).

Wizters is a developing concept which can be far better than what it is in it’s current state. What do you think about the network? Let us know your thoughts.