pSocial Is An Interest Based Social Network With The Looks Of Pinterest

Review of Mumbai based startup, pSocial which is an interest based network.


India has always lacked a social network of its own. With more than 63 million monthly active users on Facebook, it is surely the social network that has kept people glued on it. But people generally are on Facebook because their friends are on it and not because of personal interests. Of late we have seen private and interest based networks coming up internationally and locally. According to Next Big What, a Mumbai-based startup and the brain child of Vineet Budki, CEO & Founder, pSocial is the latest social network that works on interests of users.

How does pSocial work?

The network provides a Twitter or Google login to create an account on the platform. Surprisingly, pSocial has avoided integrating with Facebook and using the APIs. A rare thing to be observed. Once your account is created, the platform gives you a list of interests to  select from. You can pick upto 10 interests at a given point of time. Depending on your choice of interests, the platform adds users to your network with the respective interests. One can unfollow the added people but it would be great if  users were not added by default. The platform is giving “pSos” points depending on the number of friends one invites to the platform. Once you have made the required choices, the screen would look like the below screen shot.

The network has been divided into several sections such as My Interests, Trends, My Social Network and Personal profile.

My Interests lists the interests that you have followed. You can individually click on any of your interests and browse through the content. You can like, dislike, save and share your comments on the content shared. If you like a content then you can save it in your profile or under a respective board that you have created.

My Social Network is the list of the content shared by the users that you follow. Similarly you can follow all the actions that you can do in My Interests section. Along with interests, the network pulls up content based upon what is trending on the platform. So click on the Trends tab to find a list of topics that could be of interest. These trends start from IPL teams to Bollywood celebrities to current issues.

The platform also allows you to build your own profile and upload pictures and videos on the site. However, the entire design is a complete copy of Pinterest except pinning here it is known as tagging. So you have public boards, private boards, activity stream and everything else that you can find on Pinterest. The below screen grab gives you a hint.


Even though the platform has a design similar to Pinterest but features like My Bank adds some brownie points to the network. The platform gives you points on every action you perform on the platform and these points can help you purchase interesting products listed on the platform. So the more you spend time on the platform, the more points you earn and that might help you in purchasing an Apple iPod or a Samsung Galaxy Tab2. Isn’t that a cool incentive to get people on board?


Interest based networks and pSocial

The concept of showcasing content based on interests is a trend that is going to catch up in the coming future. And pSocial is a network in the same direction but will have to think on the design aspect. Not only is the design a turn off but there are small glitches that need to be taken care of - why do you need two Like features on the content that is shared. Additionally, content moderation is a big challenge for a user generated platform. So pSocial will have to think on these lines too.

Previously, we had reviewed Floost and Pintile which is now Kwaab; both are also more or less in the same business. However, Floost excels because of the design and integration of some of its cool features, that are missing in today’s networks.

So would you give a spin to pSocial because of the goodies you can win or give it a miss because of a similar design like Pinterest.