Pikboo, A Facebook For Kids Managed By Parents

Pikboo is a platform for parents to store their kids memories digitally and also allows friends and families to share and discuss the cute moments of the kid.


Childhood days are the best times in most people’s lives. Sadly, I barely remember mine. Even though I would love to travel back in time to my childhood days, it’s not possible both physically and virtually. I have some snaps of my early years but most of them are as good as dead. But, thankfully, today’s digital and social generation won’t have such problems. Pikboo is one such platform that has been launched recently with a promise to treasure your kid’s childhood. A website for every kid with the layer of social embedded over it.

Sandeep Amar, CEO and Founder at Pikboo, considers the platform as a Facebook for kids. Hearing the bold statement, I played around with the platform for a while and I must say it is engrossing indeed.

How does Pikboo work?

Once a parent signs up for the platform, professional designers and photographers get in touch and do the required works as per consensus. Image matching with templates and all design aspects are taken care by Pikboo. The end result is a beautiful website with cool pictures of your child that you can share with your relatives or close friends. The below screen grab gives a quick look of a demo site.


The site has features like – Family Tree, Parents Corner, It’s ME and My Life, though the look and feel may change from person to person. Family tree would be a visual representation and details of maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents and parent details.  Parents Corner speaks more about the parents and their liking.

It’s ME and My Life are the two features that are dedicated to the kid. It’s Me talks about the kid, how she looks and her life. My Life is a journey of a kids life through beautiful pictures. The journey is represented along with the pictures and has some more details of the life of a kid such as favorite meals, songs, stories, books, animals, etc. These visual information bits are stored by parents with every passing year. For example, the demo site had all the information about a little girl along with pictures right from age one to five years of age.

The platform has integrated certain features from Facebook such as the comments platform for friends and relatives to discuss about the activities of the kid. The images are integrated with a Facebook share button. In addition to this, the platform has integrated Facebook login for parents and the ability to share on other social platforms like Twitter and Google Plus.

Road ahead for Pikboo

Pikboo right now boasts about the cool design, security, parent friendly experience and works like a breeze with nothing much to worry for parents. However, the platform is available on a subscription basis. For users in the US, it starts from $65 per year and in India, it starts from Rs 4,500 per year. Amar updated that users in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore will also have the option to go for photo shoots of their kids, but that would cost extra. Also, in the US, the company is talking to photo studios and photographers to launch a gold package that would include the photo shoot of the child.

Amar also updated me that the platform plans to bring in various offline services like picture printing and astrology services which form common interest of parents. Going further the company plans to launch ‘hero websites’ where the company will organise photography sessions of the kids along with Bollywood celebrities.

The way closed networks or interest based social networks are all set to be the next big trend in social media, Pikboo is all set to impress parents and investors too.

At least my kid will have ways to go back and re-visit his childhood. So as a parent does a platform like Pikboo excite you?