mYwindow Is A Social Network That Allows You To Follow Your Passion And Interests

Review of mYwindow which is a social network that allows you to follow your passion and interests


Social media platforms are getting exciting day by day. From mass networks like Facebook and Twitter, the focus has shifted towards interest-based or private networks. This shift has been noticed by Indian entrepreneurs and it is quite encouraging to see the latest bunch of entrepreneurs not shying off from experimenting. mYwindow is one such platform that creates connections based on passion and area of interest. Launched in private beta in February this year, mYwindow is a request based platform founded by Kiran Shah and Nikunj Agarwal.

How to follow my passions on mYwindow?

Once you have the invite from the platform, you can either go for a Facebook login or opt for a normal login. I opted for the Facebook login and once the authentication was done the platform offered me a set of interest areas. I opted for Media and Journalism. Once you are done with your passion selection, the platform highlights two core features – 1) mYwindow and 2) Yoke.

1. mYwindow is your profile window  or your identity. It is the place where you can talk about what you like and you can make the profile exciting by having a profile video for yourself. mY Creations is the place where you can do all the required things such as adding your professional details, adding photos and if you have a passion for drawing then you can upload them too. Make sure that you scroll the page to check all the options. Interestingly, the page moves horizontally; it takes a while to get used to.


With mY Places you can list all the places you have traveled and the platform also gives an opportunity to make your wishes under the feature mY Wishes.

2. Yoke is the area of your passion where you can start following your passion; discover interesting content that has been shared by like-minded people.  You have a sharing dialog box where you can share thoughts along with images and videos. If you feeling like chatting with your friends you can do that but the feature is a little difficult to locate as it is at the bottom left hand side of the site.

The content that is shown to you is based on your passion and you can browse through the content, comment on it and if you like it you can share with your people. Besides this you can add what you like and care for, which would help the platform to show you matching content. However the content that was being shown to me based on my passion, wasn’t exciting. The below screen grab gives you a hint of Yoke feature.


Will I list my passions in mYwindow?

Even before you witness the cool features of a product or a platform, user experience comes in. And mYwindow right now lacks the user experience bit, the loading of the pages takes time. The horizontal view of screens is new and it will take time for users to adopt it. But the demo profiles are out there to help users to understand the platform.

Listing or following people according to your passion is interesting but for that you need a good user base that will do a lot of activities and that will help the algorithms to be intelligent and provide relevant content. User traction will be a challenge like all other social networks because the world is sitting comfortably on Facebook and Twitter.

Besides this content moderation will be a challenge for mYwindow and we found the same while reviewing another interest based social network pSocial. Hopefully, the startup is working on the problem.

But for now the platform could do with getting rid of the glitches and provide a smooth experience to users. Otherwise it would be tough for mYwindow to stand the heat from other social networks.