Mevoked Tries To Feel The Internet

Review of Mevoked that allows you to feel, share and discover interesting content from across the web depending on the mood.


A review of Mevoked that allows you to feel, share and discover interesting content from across the web depending on the mood.

A Facebook ‘like’ has many faces and meanings. A gratitude feeling for a colleague, a happy time with a friend, a sense of wanting for a brand, an applause for a deed. One action, many purposes.

But, what if you could categorize the internet based on your moods? Well, Mevoked is trying something just about on the same lines. Mevoked, still in BETA is a news aggregator/bookmarking site which can categorize content based on certain human feelings (Sad,Surprised,Amused,Angry) and tries to connect the internet world with an emotional touch.

Arun Ravi, the brain behind the logic explains the concept:

Users will be able to let their friends know how different content makes them feel in a quick, simple, and sharable interface.The whole web can now be personal to each individual user. The time has come to not only search the Internet, but Feel The Internet.

The concept is a bit like StumbleUpon meets StereoMood. The users bring in all of the interesting articles chosen by themselves and sort them out by how they feel about that specific content. The more the votes regarding a certain emotion, the more relevant to that genre of emotion the article becomes.


How does it work?

The home page resembles a magazine layout with articles organized under categories enrolled at the top. The “Sign Up” option does provide the choice of logging in with Facebook but I could not see Twitter as an option till now. The content is not something which is out of the box as of yet, but do expect it to be varied once larger pool of users start to use this website. The content is pulled from well knows publishers like Mashable, TechCrunch, CNN and Yahoo to name a few.

With the US Elections being the talk of the world, Mevoked has tried to cash in on the buzz with a separate section on the top dedicated to Presidential election articles and news. With Chrome and FireFox Toolbars already in place for users to bookmark with, Mevoked tries to standardise the sharing and bookmarking for the users.

Sometimes The ‘Submit A Link‘ feature failed to work for some websites I tested.For instance, I tried entering my own website (  and got the familiar java script error “Please Enter a Valid URL“. Either my website is not valid according to them or something needs to be reframed in their website checking algorithm. I had the same experience when I checked for Google.


Can it be Better?

The interface is simple enough with left hand navigation boasting of Article headers whereas the full article can be read in an iframe on the right. You can express what you feel about the story in ‘How Do You Feel’ section on  the left and choose your appropriate verdict about that article.

The concept being a wise one where the users can give their emotions voice by letting know what they feel about the article and share it with their friends. Though, in some parts it still leaves much to be desired. The speed of the website is something to take a note of, as I felt the articles were taking too much time to load (No, My internet connection  is not slow!). Some articles were yielding the same error time and again, which calls for a bad user experience if I am a first time visitor.

The feelings depicted as of now which the users can express are somewhat limited and I would love to see more included within. If I am having a bad day at office and am angry at someone and land up on Mevoked,  the last place I would want to go would be on the ‘Angry’ section of the site and read about the corruption in Indian Politics and robberies happening around (for example). This would be like adding fuel to the fire. On the contrary, if I am happy or just lazing around on the internet to read something new and interesting, ‘Angry’ or ‘Sad’ would be the last choice for me to read and spoil my otherwise normal day.

I would rather see categories like ‘Curious‘ , ‘Motivating‘, ‘Proud‘  depicting the other side as well. Categories can feature motivating stories of individuals who achieved something beyond all odds to inspire and motivate, impressive stories of communities to make the users feel proud about themselves, articles to answers we never knew existed, facts and some trivia to play with our ever curious mind. And they might have one for the funny bone as well!

The Facebook and Twitter community is still growing with just about 300 Likes on Facebook and under 100 followers on Twitter. one thing they can explore is the power of Facebook open graph which will let users share the articles from Mevoked to their timeline in an interesting fashion.

“Omkar feels happy after reading this Lighthouse Insights post. What do you feel about it?” (blah blah and something like that)

This might help them expand their network to a greater extent.

The Mevoked community is still a new one and will take time to grow to a sustainable figure like StumbleUpon’s or Reddit’s.The categories of emotions are still broader and can be cut down to specifics (there are many layers to being happy or sad) The content needs to be interesting  and not necessarily popular (I can read Mashable and TechCrunch on their own websites, Why should I come to Mevoked?).

With a bit of content maturity/moderation (we won’t like spamming now, will we?) and community support, Mevoked can still survive and live up to delivering something different.

Have you tried Mevoked yet?