Cook, Win And Fly To Germany With Lufthansa Star Chef Recipe Contest On Facebook

A review of the Lufthansa Star Chef Recipe contest on Facebook where fans can send in their recipes to win a free trip to Germany in addition to having their recipe featured in the in-flight menu

Social media can give wings to your dreams and quite literally too. If you share a passion for cooking and can innovate Indian cuisine without taking away the taste, then here’s a chance that can get you flying to Germany and win you many life-changing perks. Lufthansa India, the leading European  airline in India is running the Lufthansa Star Chef Recipe contest on its Facebook page, where you need to impress the jury of celebrity chefs – Kunal Kapur, Surender Mohan and Thomas Brockenauer with your original Indian main course recipe.

The Lufthansa Star Chef recipe contest

The star chefs will pick 15 best recipes based on taste, presentation and innovation, which in turn would be put up for voting by Facebook fans. The ‘Top 8’ recipes with the highest  Facebook  votes will then be invited to a live cooking contest judged by the chef trio, in the Grand Finale at The Leela in Mumbai.

The winning recipe will be featured in the Lufthansa in-flight menu and in select restaurants at the Leela Mumbai and Gurgaon. And, if you are the creator of that winning recipe, you win a free trip to Germany to visit the LSG Sky Chefs and a 3 night hotel stay. But, that’s not all – you also win a 3 month internship at one of The Leela hotels. Talk about giving wings to your dreams!

The recipe contest takes care of weekly winners too. Chosen as the ‘Chef’s Pick of the Week’, these guys stand to win kitchen appliances worth Rs. 5000 or more!

Facebook as the platform

An extensive Facebook application hosts the said contest. Although the app does not require you to like the page, the contest rules state that you need to ‘like’ the page to be eligible. As you can see in the below screenshot, the app welcomes you with a clean and clear informative layout in the ‘home’ page. You can choose to navigate depending on what you want to do.


‘About contest’ gives you all the details of the contest and also provides the form to participate. Register yourself by entering your personal details first. Either you can upload your recipe in a doc format or provide the information asked in the form, like  ‘Recipe name’, ‘Ingredients’, ‘Portion size’, ‘Cooking time’, ‘Method’, etc. Add a picture and preview your recipe before you submit.

‘Chef’s Pic of the Week’ features the weekly winning recipe. You can share or invite your friends on Facebook here. The tab also features recipes by famous Star Chefs.

‘About Star Chefs & Jury’ gives you all you ever need to know about the Lufthansa Star Chef programme and the eminent chefs in the jury. ‘Nutrition tips’ as the name suggests, shares the nutritive value of spices and tips on preserving nutritional value of foods while cooking.

The ‘Terms & Conditions’ is given as a link at the bottom of the app.

How cool is the campaign?

The month and a half long campaign by Lufthansa has stolen my heart in minutes! The concept is exciting as it not only involves the social media community but also provides valuable and relatable prizes for the winners. There is a combination of talent and public voting in the winner selection, which makes the Lufthansa Star Chef Recipe contest truly social. Moreover, the Facebook app has been designed in keeping with the Lufthansa look and feel. A cool idea coupled with beautiful design and smooth navigation, is what sums up the Facebook app for me.

However, I’m unclear about some of the points listed in the T&Cs, the main one being “The final winner’s recipe may or may not make it to the Lufthansa in-flight menu.” I believe the objective of the campaign is to find innovative Indian recipes and kickstart the career of an aspiring chef. So, this one does not fit.

Last December, Lufthansa India had run a cool promotion for Stuttgart tourism where the airline had launched a simple crossword contest for its Facebook fans. The grand prize involved a free stay at Stuttgart in Germany and return tickets, courtesy Lufthansa India.  These contests have ensured that Lufthansa India fans have exciting stuff to look forward to!

The Star Chef recipe contest is on till midnight tomorrow, in case you are interested. Do also share your views on the campaign here.