Intuce - A Creative Social Network Where You Can Buy Too

Review of creative social network that enables selling on the network too

Social networks are becoming interest based. We are seeing this trend in the Indian startups too, that are not trying to build another Facebook but are taking the interesting features and building a new network on top of it. Intuce is one such startup that was founded by Rajesh Goyal, Vikrant Yagnick and Pushpanjali Kumar. The creative network also blends the buying behaviour over the social layer which makes it exciting for brands and users alike.

Intuce has enabled both Facebook and Twitter login on it’s platform; I went ahead with the Facebook login. Once the authentication was done I was asked to select a few interests so that the social network suggests like-minded friends. Indeed a cool feature to increase the circle on a new network. Once it was done I landed on a page like the below screen grab:


Major Features of Intuce

The design of the portal is the cards layout or one can say a Pinterest look too. The major features of the platform that is worth mentioning are: 1) Galleria & Videos, 2) Most Intuced, and 3) Buy and Featured.

1. Galleria & Videos: Intuce displays a list of categories such as Interiors, Men’s Fashion, Jewellery, etc. under a broader name Galleria. Once you click on any of the listed categories or interests you get a list of related items. You can like or comment on the content displayed. If you click further on a respective content you get more detail of the content and at the same time you can follow, email the person who had shared the content or report it if you find it offending. The design looks very similar to Pinterest.

Videos is a feature that lists only the videos that are on the platform. All these videos are uploaded from YouTube. And as a user you can do  similar activities as you can do in Galleria.

In addition to this, you can upload images and videos with the help of Add button at the extreme right on the platform. While uploading images, you can add the relevant category and upload it. For uploading images or videos from different sites one can use the Bookmark feature.

2. Most Intuced: As the startup has been named Intuce, the creators of the network have come up with a feature called Intuce It. My guess is that the feature works like the Like button of Facebook. So Most Intuced is a listing of all those contents that have more numbers of Intuce It. The activities that can be performed on the content listed are all similar to Galleria and Videos.

3. Buy and Featured: Both the features make Intuce exciting as a social network. The Buy option shows a list of products which you can view and even buy. The price is quoted on the top of the product and there is a Buy button too. However, on click of the Buy button you are driven to the ecommerce site from which it has been listed. So if the product was listed on Flipkart then you are taken to that site but some products don’t lead you anywhere even if you hit the Buy button couple of times.

Featured is the most exciting feature for me in Intuce. While talking to YourStory, the Founders had shared that,

“The website showcases known design like Svelte, Odel and Srijanya. Each designer is handpicked from different places to be a part of the website and can be part of the site free of cost. They get free visibility and appreciation for their work and typically 15 products of each designer are highlighted for about a month on the website.”

One can buy the featured products and if interested then they can click on the Featured option to select from a list of people that have been featured on the platform. Once selected, like I selected Svelte, I witnessed a screen like the one shown in the screen grab:


You can follow the user and see the profile of the listed designer. Though Intuce says that one can buy the products, I am not sure how it is done. May be the email feature comes in handy.

How exciting is Intuce?

Intuce is a creative social network which also enables shopping but then with that feature, it doesn’t turn into a social commerce venture as reported by YourStory. The design of the product is neat and I have hardly seen unwanted content on the platform. User curated networks always have a challenge of content moderation and it is good to see that Intuce is not facing any such problem right now.

Featured is one of the exciting features that not only gives a chance to designers to showcase their products but for a user it is a delight to see some great work. If you like it you can go ahead and buy it.

But it would be interesting to know the user traction as most of them might say it is a copy of Pinterest. And in terms of competition, ‘TouchTalent’ another social network for creative people comes close to Intuce. Touch Talent that was earlier reviewed by us is also thinking on bringing in brands to its platform. This was shared with us by the founder, Ankit Prasad, while talking about the upcoming features to be introduced on the network.

It would be interesting to know how Intuce has been faring in terms of user traction since the time it was launched in October, 2012.