Hoppr - Another Location Based App

Review of Hoppr - a location based service developed by Y2CF Digital Media based in Gurgaon

Hoppr is a location based service developed by Y2CF Digital Media based in Gurgaon, which was launched around 1 year back in May 2012. According to the latest report by Techcircle, the service claims to have made more than 85 million check-ins and 4 million registered monthly users within it’s 10 months of operations. That is pretty impressive for an Indian start up registering under a year of it’s service.

Hoppr did start out with a feature phone based concept when the smartphone penetration in India was still growing. It leveraged the SMS services of Indian service providers to checkin and reap benefits out of local outlets. India, with its data connectivity and reliability issues, is still coping up with the growing demand of internet penetration. In the wake of it, a SMS based checkin system was an idea well implemented.

Hoppr has now started entering the smartphone market as well with the launch of an Android application, which you can download from this link. The application has clocked 50K downloads till date on Google Play.

So how does Hoppr work?

Hoppr has taken the same concept through which it entered the feature phone market and applied it to the application. With the application, you can earn points when you checkin and discover new places. You can also download coupons on check-in and recommend the places you love. The social aspect of the application is also taken care of, with the ability to share your checkins on your social networks. You can become the Skippr of a place by checking in regularly (viz a viz Mayor on Foursquare) and earn special reward points for that. And then there is the leader board aspect that comes with the application, which you can look to top and earn some big reputation.

The application on opening detects your number and tells you to fill a username of your own choice. The app gives you 1,500 points by default when you sign in to the application and you can earn more by linking in any of the below options with your profile on Hoppr:

  • Connecting with Facebook earns 500 points
  • Adding your Birthday adds 500 more
  • Adding your city earns you 500 points
  • Declaring your gender adds 500 more

The addition of city seemed irrelevant for it being a location based app could have detected my city based on my GPS easily. The application took several attempts to sync with my Facebook profile (the android app is still in beta and might have to fix this issue). A Twitter connect can also be implemented within the application to make use of the Twitterati. It is time when businesses realise that social integration doesn’t necessarily mean only Facebook integration. The application consists of 4 tabs:

Profile: Does what it says. Shows your profile and the badges you have earned till now. The badges depend on the level of activity you have done on Hoppr. The badges though are not explained at the start and can create confusion as to what needs to be done to earn the badges in the first place.

Leaderboard: Leaderboard shows you the view of local and global leaders that are using this application. Local leaderboard will include participants from your vicinity (In my case: Mumbai) and global will include, well global leaders. The check in feature looks flawed in the context of gamification where I, based in Lower Parel could check in to a CCD based in Kurla (which is 5 kms away) and gain undeserving points to gain in Leaderboard. The application can restrict the checkins to a radius of 1 km if necessary to avoid cheating to the top of leaderboard.

Friends: The friends feature shows you what your friends are up to and if you don’t have any friend as of yet on Hoppr, you can invite them via Facebook or send them an SMS with a code through which they can join (SMS charges will apply). The application could have enabled other mobile based sharing options (Whatsapp) where people are generally more active to gain traction as well. I could not find any way to add existing users on Hoppr. Hoppr restricts addition of new people to your network, so if none of your friends have joined Hoppr the place might become boring for you after some time.

Coupons: This is where you can see all the coupons you have availed through your checkins. The coupon comes along with a coupon code which you can redeem to the specific outlet and get that discount/offer. Then you also have the weekly rewards section which tells you what you can earn by checking in to how many points. I could not see any further detail on this as to how they will redeem this award or is this something which will be for a few selected winners.

The app could also have showcased more information on the screen as to how the winning procedure would be right in the weekly rewards section. The T&C’s is what I found missing after logging in to the application. The application which claims to give you discounts on physical items should always have a terms and conditions in place to avoid disputes later.

The application is trying out to be the Foursquare of things, but with a discount/rewards twist to it which Foursquare has failed to implement in India. We have reviewed apps with a similar concept earlier like DelightCircle and MintM which based their model on checkin rewards. The only thing which distinguishes Hoppr from them, would be the SMS based feature which they did implement on feature phones. The android application still needs some work to be done in terms of user functionality and ease.

Do give it a try and let us know what you think about the application.