Fashion Brand ‘ENAH’ Brings Website Onto Facebook App. Claims To Be Facebook Commerce But Is It?

Fashion Brand ‘ENAH’ Launches A Facebook App to provide Facebook Commerce experience to fans but it fails to do so.

Shopping on Facebook or Facebook Commerce is still not dead! There are startups that are still trying their best to crack it. ENAH a newly launched ethical fashion and lifestyle brand based out in Navi Mumbai is providing its fans the luxury of shopping while they are spending time on the social network – Facebook. The eCommerce brand is exclusively designed and marketed by Ace Lifestyles E-Retail Pvt. Ltd.

ENAH Facebook app

ENAH which has more than 28K fans has launched a Facebook app – ENAH Fcommerce. The Facebook app is exclusive to its fans so you would have to like the page before you could shop from the store. Once you have liked the page, you would witness the entire ENAH eCommerce site embedded in the Facebook app. The screen grab below gives you the hint.


The Facebook store which is targeting women only allows you to browse through the available stocks, shop by collection, etc. In other words, you can perform all the action that you would do on the website. Select what you want according to your colour, size, add to wishlist or you can proceed to buy. However, once you click on the option “Check Out”, you are driven to the payment website. So in other words, the app only allows you to browse the products on Facebook.

Does ENAH provide a Facebook Commerce experience?

No! The Facebook app has simply taken the website and embedded it in the app. The app has two basic problems – 1. Not tested properly, and 2. Fails to provide a complete experience of Facebook Commerce to fans.

The “Continue Shopping” button right now fails to give desired results. Additionally, the app drives you to the website to complete the payment operation. However, Facebook Commerce means that the brand provides the complete experience of browsing and buying on Facebook itself, without you having to move out from Facebook. It is only during payment when entering the 3D secure code that you are moved out onto a third party site, because of the security guidelines placed by RBI.

In addition to this, the app also needs to have some social plugins such as the feature of sharing and liking. These features would not only help fans to share the activities with the community but also create conversations about ENAH on Facebook.

Companies like Exprestore, SellMojo have already ventured in Facebook Commerce from India and have a much better execution. Along with Facebook Commerce, there are companies like ShopSocially,, 99 Presents, etc. who have ventured into social commerce.

Despite the ongoing debate that Facebook is not a place where you would love to transact but in India this may differ. One of the growing sectors in India, eCommerce is already on Facebook if not anywhere else on social media. So with time, the shift to Facebook commerce will be a deliberate move by E-commerce.

But for now, ENAH needs to rethink on providing a better experience to its fans if it really wants to be the Facebook Commerce providing brand.