Dotmach Integrates Social With Project Management. Looks Promising

Review of DotMatch that is trying to solve the enterprise needs of SMBs by going social.

Dotmach comes from a need for enterprises and small and medium businesses to collaborate and also interact with each other. You might already be working in a global company and using networks like Yammer and Salesforce Chatter to communicate and socialize with your co-workers.

Dotmach is based on similar lines where you merge the social networking feature of the likes of Facebook and Project Management Tools such as Asana. I for one, am a culprit of using too many tools to collaborate with different team members (Facebook Chat, Gmail, WhatsApp and what not) and end up wasting my time with multiple follow ups for a simple task to be done. And hence, I thought of giving Dotmach a try!

Dotmatch Signup formOn signing up with Dotmach, you can get started with your primary email id and create ‘Workspace’ to organize different departments of your work. You can keep the workspaces you created as Public or Private depending on the kind of information you are sharing with your team. The application also has a ‘social networking’ solution for the people where users can ‘Add A Status’ or create a ‘Poll’.

Besides this if you have a eureka moment, you can always share your ‘Idea’ with your team mates on the application. And the application also takes care of recognition for your team mates where you can ‘Praise’ them for some of the wonderful work they have performed with a list of Badges to choose from.

News Feed in Dotmatch

Instant Chat is also available in the application if you would want to have a quick word with one of your team members. Many a times this feature can be helpful rather than turning back to Gtalk and Facebook for a quick chat. You can create/assign tasks to different members and assign due dates for completion, which forms the core of any project management platform. You also have a calendar feature where you can set up meetings/celebrations/party or even interviews. You can also sync your or Dropbox services with your account and can attach a file from these services while assigning a task.

Task management in Dotmatch

The ‘Free’ Model for Dotmach allows you to have 10 users along with 2 GB storage and 3 workspaces which do provide unlimited projects and task management. If you want more options for Premium subscription, you can go to their pricing model and check out what suits you.

Is Dotmach useful?

Dotmach  has a really clean and pleasing UI which is fewer in colors but does the job for which you require the application. The team has worked with a lot of heart in the application and that shows in the output you get. For a small publishing site who has less than 10 contributors located in different parts of the world, this free option can be used as a great collaborative task manager to make sure you get things done.

However, with many of the companies still stuck in email follow ups for communication, the adoption of social enterprise networks have been a challenge and specially for SMB’s. Though Dotmach does provide a 75% discount for startups which have aged less than a year or NGO’s for 60% discount on their pricing page, which can help them to spread the network and hope for a better outcome.

Do signup for Dotmach if you suck at project management like I do and let me know what you think about it.