GM India’s myChevrolet India Mobile App Makes A Chevrolet Owner’s Life Smooth

Review of GM India's ‘myChevrolet India mobile App’ that promises to assist customers with a number of tools relevant to their vehicles post purchase



I am yet to own a car but having a personalised mobile car app should be an exciting idea for four-wheeler owners. Life should be easy for a car owner to have all the required details of the car such as servicing details, dealer location, reminders, manuals, etc. with a tap of his finger. Understanding this as a requirement, GM India has launched its mobile app, ‘myChevrolet India App’ - a mobile app that promises to assist customers with a number of tools relevant to their vehicles post purchase.

According to a statement from GM India, “The application is here to make the Chevrolet ownership a smooth experience in every way. It features a list of services that spells smart access, ease of use, comfort and convenience.”

Navigating the myChevrolet India app

Excited to give it a try, I downloaded the Android app from the Play Store. The first thing the app does is to collect the user and the car information upon being fired. From selecting the Chevrolet model, engine, purchase date, registration number, among others the app takes it all. In addition to this, the app creates a personal profile while asking to select a preferred dealer. According to the location, the app pulls out the dealers and the user needs to select the preferred one. Along with the detailed dealer information the app maps the distance too. Once all the details are filled, the app pulls up the main app which is similar to the screen grab displayed below.


As you can see the app has some very interesting features. Few of the noteworthy features are the ‘Parking Reminder’ and ‘Booking A Service’. Parking Reminder feature allows you to store information about the parking location of their vehicle and guide them to their vehicle’s parking spot using Google Maps. One can add photos, set a reminder and get directions too. A must have when you have parked your car at a mall or a huge parking lot, the get directions feature saves a lot of time too. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the feature.


The other feature ‘Book A Service’ is also a needed one and right now lets you call your preferred dealer. The feature can be enhanced by inserting settings like when was the last servicing done, its details and adding a reminder for the forthcoming one.

The app also has other features like Chevrolet Promise, Owner Manual and Connect with Chevrolet. Both the features Chevrolet Promise and Owner Manual on click take you to the mobile website and they haven’t been developed as a part of the app. Still the features are useful and Connect with Chevrolet provides you the links of the social presence, website, blog and mobile site of Chevrolet.

Room for improvement

Building a mobile app for Chevrolet owners is a great move; one that is much required in today’s mobile first world. The app right now is in its early days and I am hoping that with its upcoming versions the app would take valuable feedback from its users and add required features. Features like ‘Booking A Service’ could be enhanced further to make the owner’s life easier.

If you are a proud Chevrolet model owner then do give the app a spin and let us know what do you like and what could be the future enhancements to the app.