Local Discovery Platform Burrp Launches 2.0 App With Better Location Detecting Feature

Review of local discovery platform Burrp's Android app 2.0


Burrp_Android_2.0The world is shifting drastically to devices that can be carried in the pocket. This change of behaviour has made businesses to move fast and effectively. Today users not only want fast information on their pocket devices but accurate too. Keeping this in mind Burrp - the platform that started off as a restaurant discovery platform and today is about local discovery - has released a new revamped version of its app 2.0.

Having launched on Android and iOS app, I went ahead and downloaded the android version from the Google Play store. The app loads in no time and the first thing it asks me are my choices for which the app would act as a notifier. As I was trying the Burrp app for the first time, I opted to do this at a later stage.

The next thing the app did was quickly locating my co-ordinates so it could provide me with better recommendations for food, events, shopping, among others. Must say that the app popped up my right locations in a matter of seconds.

Discovering places by category

The Home screen has listed various categories from Food and Drink, to Events, to Hotels, TV Schedule, etc. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the Home screen. Interestingly at no point of time the app forces you to login in the app but you can always do that via social logins or a normal login. I opted for a Facebook login; registering with a user name was a time consuming task. The app right now has no further enhancements to the personal profile section, may be it has plans down the road.

Being a foodie, I clicked on the Food and Drink section to find out the list of the eating joints in and around my area. You would get a list of eating joints and with required information of a particular eating joint which you might be interested in. These information bits include details of the eating joint, menu, reviews, etc. For instance: Richies is a cake shop around my area that has been my regular choice for plum cakes during Christmas. I clicked on it to find out what new they have added on their menu. The below screen grab gives you a quick look how the categories look on the home screen and how the listings provide more info.


Discovering places with the Map

The second tab in the app is the Map section that locates places in and around your area based on various categories. By default the Food & Drinks section is selected but you can always change by tapping the category and look for your go to place. The below screen grab gives you a quick look how the Map section highlights the eating joints. On further click on the eateries, you would get the required information of the specified place.


Apart from the Favorites, writing reviews for places you had visited or taken service from, Search is one very exciting feature in the app. The app provides an extensive search based on location. So other than your default location you can check for places and other exciting things by sharing what is required and where.

In the categories one more feature that stood out was the listing of TV schedule. Though the feature is at a very nascent stage but could add on with time. The feature pulls out TV programs on two lists – Playing Now and By Channels. By selecting any of them you get a list of programs and further tapping on them you will get further useful information. If you are excited to see a movie that you won’t want to miss then you can add a SMS reminder too. The below screen grab gives you a look at the channels listed and the additional info about the programs.


Is social the missing link in the app?

The app definitely is an exciting one with no glitches so far. The design is simple and without any glitches and the experience hasn’t been bad at all. For now as a local discovery platform the new 2.0 version does the job smoothly.

However, for a mobile app powered by the local discovery attribute, the missing link is social. The app going further could get the social layer on the app which will make it really very exciting. If I am looking for entertainment options in my area, I would also love to know if my social connections have been there and used the services.

Building up the profile into a social profile in the app will definitely help. Not only I can get my friends on the app but keep a tab on what are the cool places they are visiting and what has been their experience. My belief is that the version 2.0 will bring the social layer at some point of time but for now the new app does a decent job of discovering local places.