Assistwindow, A Q&A Platform For Enterprises

App review of Assistwindow, a Q&A; platform for enterprise.

One of the common behaviours of the human brain is to either ask a question or get impatient to reply to one. This was one of the common traits that was incorporated by most of the social networks initially. At work places, we had intranets traditionally where we had some opportunity to ask questions or find answers but that wasn’t an easy task. In fact as an employee I had always felt that there should have been an online way by which I could ask a question and at the same time quickly search for answers too. Assistwindow, a startup from Chandigarh is trying to solve this problem.

How does Assistwindow work?

Assistwindow is a Q&A platform for organizations that can use it to increase the effectiveness of their employees and also save on time. The portal is based on a freemium model and allows you to use it free for the first 14 days. The log in process a quick one though it would be great if popular social network logins are incorporated on the site. The site allows you to add Users, Groups, edit your Profile and check your Account usage. Once you have added couple of users then you can very well go ahead and “Ask A Question.”

“Ask A Question” is one of the core features of the platform and while you add a question, you can select groups to invite people to answer and also allow only a set of users to answer or view the answers. Restriction of user action can be performed because when you add users to the platform you can define their role such as Super User, Administrator, Reader, etc. In addition to this, you can add a relevant screenshot to explain your question in a better form. Relevant keywords can also be used to define the question so that it comes handy during a search.

The product is out in the market and is available from $19/month for 30 users up to $249/month for unlimited users.

Challenges for Assistwindow

Assistwindow is a simple Q&A platform but packed with the right features that could address needs of small and medium enterprises. The challenges however for such services are majorly of two types - 1) Market adoption and 2) Competition from major players.

The market that Assistwindow is addressing has an adoption problem, so the initial challenge would be in educating the market that such portals could not only save time of employees but reduce cost of the company too. The other challenge is that Assistwindow is addressing a niche problem. Today most of the enterprise 2.0 applications come with inbuilt Q&A platform. But such tools at the same time have lot of features and they also come with a big subscription cost.

Having said that Assistwindow addresses a very common problem in a very simple way and smart features like “Replying answers to the Q&A via email”, etc. can set it apart. However moderation and how quickly one can find answers to a question on the platform would be thea key for such Q&A sites. Quora is a relevant example but it still doesn’t address the needs of an enterprise.

So would you give a try to Assistwindow in your company or would still prefer going and asking a colleague while he is at work?