Mobile Social Network LyfeLog Seeks To Be An Alternative To Facebook For The Privacy Minded

Review of the android app is called LyfeLog and is seemingly the result of intense disappointment at Facebook’s questionable privacy policies.



Today, I came across this interesting new app from the Nagpur based startup, Valvirt Technologies. The app is called LyfeLog and is seemingly the result of intense disappointment at Facebook’s questionable privacy policies.

LyfeLog is no Facebook but it does intend to be a mobile first social network which protects user data. In fact, the app’s developers say that they will not ever show ads on the platform and they do not own any of the data that their users upload. This is heartening because few companies go ahead assuming such consumer centric positions. Let’s get to the app and see what it is all about.

Lyfelog, as the name goes, is a superb app to capture moments in your life. You could use it as an online journal. You could also use it as a private social network with your close friends and family. If you feel that Facebook is too big and intrusive when it comes to sharing your moments, Lyfelog will come as a welcome relief.

Here are some of the features of the app,

1. Timeline: After you register your account, you are greeted with a timeline which lets you vertically scroll down Lyfelog android appyour feed and see what your friends or connections are up to. Each bit of content is a post that can be liked, commented upon, added to your journal or deleted. Nothing more.

Creating posts and uploading images is a zippy process and the whole timeline feels very responsive and elegant.

You also get the choice to view your timeline in two modes - the default and the View. When you change the view, your timeline becomes only a media stream which lets you just view content instead of showing your stuff that you can read. Lyfelog users can also post their content to Facebook and Twitter by connecting these networks to the app.

2. Journal: Journal is a private space and lets you aggregate your thoughts, write down your ideas and add images in a completely private way. This primarily serves the purpose of building up a repository of content which you can refer to later at your convenience. If you find a relevant piece of content on your timeline, you can add it to this journal and take a look at it later.

3. Interest channels: Interest channels are feeds with a particular topic in mind. If a post on Lyfelog is tagged with a certain interest such as design, food, technology etc., you can set your timeline to have only those interests that you like seeing and the app will only show you those. You get the option to add an interest tag while composing your post and the post will go straight to that interest channel of your friends or connections.

4. Events: The app has a separate section for events and lets you plan, add content and share it with only the people you feel comfortable Lyfelog android app eventssharing it with. The event section is not as well designed compared to the other features in the app and requires more work in order to simplify the process.

5. Privacy: The app has some good privacy options. You have two privacy modes. You can choose your content to be public or you can make it friends only. When you create a post you get the option to make that post private. Valvirt Technologies guarantees that the app is going to be ad-free forever. It also says that the company does not own any content you create on the website and will not be accessing it. Users can choose to retrieve the content from the website and store it on their computer easily without any lock-in.

The app seems to have an option for subscription pricing  but it does not make it clear when one has to pay it. Some more clarity on this would be welcome.

Final thoughts

This app is snappy, works well and is extremely privacy focused. It will make a very good memory keeper and journaling companion. It also has a good potential to be a private social network for close friends, couples etc. If you are tired of the noise on Facebook and Twitter, you can check this app out.

Currently, Lyfelog is available for Android and the iOS version is coming out soon. Download it here on the Google Play store and for more you can always view the app demo video created by the startup.