DecideQuick Makes Informed Decisions By Providing Similar User Experiences From Social Media

Review of DecideQuick that helps you in making informed decisions faster through social media by gaining from the experiences of others.


Life is about decisions and we are known by the decisions we make. Often while making such decisions we end up being clueless and need an unbiased opinion. We either talk to our parents or friends or colleagues or we trust Google. We have also started asking them on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. But these processes take time and with Google or Facebook there are loads of unrelated information that surface. And that is a problem that needs to be addressed. DecideQuick is a platform that makes decision making simpler and enriching by providing similar user experiences from social media.

How DecideQuick helps in making decisions?

With a Facebook login placed right at the center of the portal, DecideQuick loads once authentication has been done. Having a Facebook connection boosts a platform but having a Twitter/Google Plus login wouldn’t be bad. Once you are logged in, you witness a screen similar to the below screen grab:


The decision making platform apart from having a big dialog box for asking questions, has noteworthy features like Crowd Help and My Decisions.

Ask a Question: If you have a question right on your mind then you can go for it or you can select one of the exciting questions. I went with one of the questions that has been sitting on my head for a while – Should I buy a Micromax A116 Canvas HD or Samsung Galaxy S Duos? The search is an intelligent one; it suggested me that a similar question is already there.

The platform after computing updated results, shares analysis from its end. The screen looks like the below screen grab:

Question Results: Interestingly, the results are tied for my question but the platform does give a balanced opinion. The results also show the number of blogs, Tweets and Facebook posts it has crawled. View Opinions is a nice feature that allows you to check the detailed viewpoints of people on the particular product. The results from different social channels are grouped under Public, Friends and Tribes. If you are satisfied then you can thank your friends or if you need more opinion then you can ask your friends again. Besides this you can get an answer from the community – CrowdHelp.

However I was a bit disappointed with the Buy feature. If I click I get random product prices in USD. Wouldn’t it be great if it tells me where can I buy the specific product, and also smart if it shows any discounts? Additionally, the results screen can have associated content like showing what are people asking right now on the platform and if that interests me, then I can spend some more time on the platform. I am sure DecideQuick might be already working on such features.

CrowdHelp: This is where you can browse what decisions people are making depending on categories like – Purchases, Travel, Education, Food, etc. So you can select your favourite category and ask your question to get an answer from the people on the platform.

It is more like a simple Q&A feature with added gamification features. You collect points with your activities, but I’m not sure how one can redeem points going further. Features like Rating is quite necessary and hope so DecideQuick is monitoring the content. One of the major drawbacks of user generated content platform is incorrect information. Perhaps finding advocates of the platform and letting them monitor this particular feature would be a nice idea.

In addition to this, My decision feature gives you the list of the decisions made on the platform. Expand Your Circle lets you search for your friends from social networks like Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

How smart is DecideQuick?

The platform is really smart considering it is quite young in the market. The results are quick and pull out data from quite a number of sources to start with. In addition to the results DecideQuick is providing ratings from known sources. For example I asked a question on iPhone 3s and the platform was showing me ratings from CNET editor. Features like this and Compare scores where you can check the scores with friends makes the platform quite interesting and tempting to give it a spin.

Design wise DecideQuick is glitch free and gives you an ultimate experience. Data can be really interesting if we can play with it in the right manner and right now DecideQuick is doing that. Going further the same data that it is collecting or what users are looking for can serve as a source of revenue.

But right now the big challenge would be user traction. Driving people from networks like Twitter and Facebook would be a challenge. Nevertheless it would be great to know how the founders are facing the challenge.

So will you ask DecideQuick next time if you are stuck in making any decision? I have been informed that the smart algorithms at DecideQuick are helping in making tough decisions like “Proposing a Girl or not.”