Bangalore Based Travel Startup Traverik Crowdsources Your Travel Plans

Review of Traverik, Bangalore based travel startup builds your itinerary for you based on the intelligence that other travelers have liked.

I haven’t travelled for long but I am always the unplanned traveller. But then the world has no place for unorganised people like me as most of them prefer a planned vacation. However, if the vacation is to a new place or to a new country then one will have to put in a lot of efforts in searching on the Internet, talking to friends, consulting tour guides and the list goes on. But what if someone does this hard work for you and provides a planned trip for you, which you can customize at your will. One wouldn’t say no when it is all for free. Traverik, a Bangalore-based travel startup builds your itinerary for you based on the intelligence that other travellers have liked. In a way, it’s like crowd-sourcing your travel plans!

How does it work?

Traverik, gives you an option to log in via Twitter or Facebook. So after authentication you land up on a screen that gives you three options – 1) Start a Trip, 2)Explore Destinations, and 3) Profile.

Start a trip: The feature starts working on two inputs i.e. where do you want to go for vacation and starting when, which is by providing the date and time. I opted for one of my favourite place that I have yet to visit - Kerala. The below screen grab gives you the hint of the visual plan that has been created for you.

As you can see from the above screen, the startup has picked up the itinerary depending upon previous experiences of travelers. You can always customize the plan that has been listed to you from selecting various options from Suggestions feature such as Outdoors, Food, Hotel, Shopping, etc. Along with this, you can find information about the places listed and mode of travel. In addition to this, you can plan with the help of a map so that you know exactly the entire route. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the feature which allows you to search and add to the planner.

Once you are happy with the plan, you can invite friends to contribute on the plan or save it. The app also provides features like offline consulting and help from tour operators.

Explore Destinations: This is a feature for all those people who have leisure time, want to go for vacation but have no idea where to go. The visual feature lists customized itinerary of world renowned destinations. So if you click on any of the vacation destinations, you would be provided the similar features like you had while working around the Start a Trip feature. For example I clicked on Venice and it provided me the weather details, the detailed visual itinerary, option to edit the plan. In addition to this, the feature had provided itinerary based on popular themes, like if I am going with my wife then I have an itinerary that is customized for a romantic trip in Venice. A useful feature for a married man!

Profile: The personal profile has three features – 1) My Plans, 2) Change Password and 3) Logout. My Plans feature gives a snapshot of all the travel plans that could be clicked and edited. The other two features go by their name.

How cool is Traverik?

Traverik right now does the job. The flexible customization feature and features like integrating the map is a cool idea. In addition to this, customized Explore Destinations feature really does the job. The startup has covered almost all favourite tourist spots and showcased a great list of itinerary for users. The experience as a user on the site was a breeze too.

However, having a crowdsourced model is the biggest challenge to the startup. For example, I had searched for Ladakh but I couldn’t find the itinerary for the destination. Additionally, many places have half baked information. But having any other model wouldn’t be feasible for Traverik too. So the startup will really have to work through to fill in the missing pieces.

Nevertheless, next time if I am travelling to a new place I would love to give Traverik a try. How about you?