Exploring The Indian Indie Music Landscape With Tagmuse

Web and mobile app review of Tagmuse a startup is provding platform to Indian Indie music bands and music lovers

The Indian Indie music scene has a long way to go. By virtue of being indie and limited to cities, musicians who are making damn good music are not able to get the exposure that they need to catapult them into the Indian music mainstream. This is true for Indie music in all languages. There are many people who do not subscribe to the popular mainstream fare and are forever in search of good Indie music.

The problem now lies in connecting these people with Indie musicians and thus get more people to listen to some real music coming out of India. NH7, TunePatrol, Musicfellas (acquired by Gaana) have done their bit to promote the indie scene but clearly more effort is required.

I recently came across a startup called Tagmuse which is doing its part to get Indian indie recognized. Tagmuse is a website which lists around 120 Indian artists. The website has a great deal of awesome sounding music which is completely free to listen to. They also have a mobile application which is available for free.

Tagmuse has been founded by friends – Paul, Anuj Agarwal, Rishabh Sharma and Akshay Jalan. Jalan is a graduate of BIT Mesra, Paul studied music at Berkley College of Music while Agarwal and Sharma are from St. Xavier’s Mumbai. The idea was conceived in 2012 and they have been working on it ever since. Along the road they have won a bunch of college business competitions and have managed to raise the initial round of funding required for launch.


Tagmuse – webapp

To start with the website looks rather good and has a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to artists and songs. You can sort music based on artists, genre, mood and language. There is also an option to view videos on the website.

A great feature happens to be the radio mode which lets you discover some very good music. Taste in music might be subjective but almost all music I heard on the radio mode was damn good!

The one thing that differentiates Tagmuse from other similar music websites is its Facebook tagging feature. You can share a song on Facebook and thus tag your friends in it. This gives artists social media exposure and also helps friends to discover new music.



Tagmuse – mobile app

The company also has an Android app which you can use to stream music on the go. It is available for free download on the Play Store and is decent in terms of performance and audio quality. However, overall polish is needed in terms of user experience, at least in the case of Android.


How artists can benefit from Tagmuse?

a. Giving non-exclusive rights to Tagmuse for their music.

b. Visibility and reach on the web, social and mobile platforms.

c. Getting analytical data about the performance of their music on the platform in addition to consulting.

d. A promise to earn royalty from their streams when Tagmuse’s monetization phase kicks in.

e. Getting personalized artist and band pages set up on the website.

What Tagmuse can do to improve?

The website is great but more work could be done on their mobile app and bring it to feature parity with the web app. They could also streamline their Facebook integration (login, sharing, song playability on Facebook posts and so on). Tagmuse has all the right ingredients for success when it comes to music discovery, artist exposure and social media integration. Their business model is also pretty nice and can benefit the independent artists in the country.

I like Tagmuse because of the exposure they plan to give to amazing Indian artists. Those of you who are into Indian indie music should definitely check it out.