A Look At The Android App Launched By The Gurgaon Police

Review of Android app of Gurgaon Police

Gurgoan Android Mobile App

It’s raining mobile apps in the country. From brands to government organizations everyone is launching a mobile app to connect with users in the mobile first world. Walking on the same grounds Gurgaon Police has launched a mobile app in association with Foetron. According to Foetron it is a CSR initiative from their side, bravo!

Features of the app

I downloaded the Android app to give it a try. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the home screen that is fired when you launch the app. The home screen takes sometime to load and may be the app developers would like to have a look at the load time.

Gurgaon Police appThe app is divided into - Home, Call and More. The Home screen is where you will find the gallery of action from direct helpline numbers to senior citizen helpline numbers to reporting traffic jam reports. The good part of the app is that all the helpline and assistance numbers on click list the number and you are ready to give it a call. A quick and easy way for a common man to use the service.

Important Phone Numbers is a section which lists numbers and email ids of the important police officers from Gurgoan. Similarly Police Stations lists all the police stations along with their phone numbers. Embedding maps could be a great feature to these lists for the ease of a common man who might want to reach to the spot.

Features like Email and Facebook pages of Gurgoan police are a great addition to the app and on tap it leads to the respective pages.

While the Home page looks good with features, the Call and More section fail to work. I have tapped quite a few times in all possible ways including swap but the features respond quite abnormally. The app developers might want to test the respective features once again.

Needful app?

Security of common man has become a concern for government and state police and instant connection via mobile is the solution going ahead. The Gurgoan police has played a mature role by adopting a mobile app but the app needs to be tested thoroughly.

Features like instant helpline are quite handy for citizens using the app along with detailed list of phone numbers. Traffic Helpline has been added too but having a mechanism of live feeds on traffic updates from the traffic control room could be of  interest for citizens.

While such apps are required, there should be enough reasons for a citizen to download an app on his mobile which is basically used for entertainment and conversation purpose. Considering this as a first version of the app, Foetron can work on making it better in the future versions.

Gurgaon people give the app a try and let us know what features you would prefer on the app and what you wouldn’t.