Reveal By L’Oréal, Recruitment Gamified!

by Vinaya Naidu on October 29, 2021


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Reveal by beauty and cosmetics brand, L’Oréal is an innovative online game with learning and recruitment objectives. It has launched cycle 5 beginning this September.

The international cycle of Reveal has begun this September and waiting for your registrations. Reveal is a new revolutionary Business Game by cosmetics major, L’Oréal that will help you confirm your professional path or discover what your future could be within a global business. The goal of the game is to be selected for an internship or a full time position in a preferred skill like sales, marketing, etc.

The international cycle has contestants from different countries to bring alive the experience of a global working environment. The game combines an exciting dive into discovery of the cosmetics sector, the backstage of a product launch at L’Oréal, and has evaluation and learning modules built by experts from the academic, business and psychometric worlds. It allows the player to develop his knowledge as much as to challenge, and may be discover his own abilities and preferences.

At the end of a player’s Reveal experience, he may be spotted by the L’Oréal recruiters to take part in their recruitment process. In addition, those players who have obtained the best scores will also have the chance to win the grand prize - a 5 day trip to Paris!

You can know more about this global gaming initiative at the dedicated site Reveal -the  game and the Facebook page. As per the current cycle rankings, most of the top spots are occupied by Indians from various business schools across India.

When I was glancing through the testimonials by past players, I found people were really impressed by this innovative recruitment process and were well-equipped with knowledge if they planned to intern with the organisation.

Daani Sarma from the University of Waterloo, who is now a full time employee of L’Oréal Canada, said her experience of playing Reveal made her learn that L’Oréal was the company for her. “I learned that it was a dynamic, multifaceted company that thinks outside of the box. REVEAL is not an easy game to complete, demonstrating that L’Oréal truly recruits the best of the best and I knew I wanted to become a part of that team.

Scouting for talent has truly become global enabling technology, gamification and Web 2.0 to recruit the best from the world.

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