Republic Day Greetings From Finnair Crew!

by Vinaya on January 26, 2022

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What can a foreign airline do to make you feel proud of your country, especially on your Republic Day?  It could wish you with your flag with the airline personnel dressed up in Indian attire. It can sing your national anthem too, provided you can excuse them the accent. But what if it goes out all the way and sings and dances for you?

A Finnair flight AY 021 from Helsinki to Delhi surprised passengers right after they had boarded the flight with ‘Takeoff to Bollywood’. The crew dressed up in traditional Indian attire danced to the tunes of ‘Deewangi Deewangi’ from the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ along the aisle. And to add to the celebrations, they also lip-synched the Hindi lyrics.  Here’s the Youtube video and do keep an eye on the action for ‘deewangi’ which is in one word – cute!

In line with the company slogan ‘Designed for you’, Finnair has hit the right cord to connect with Indians using Bollywood and dance, both of which are deeply embedded in our nation. It is kind of adorable when blond flight attendants sing and dance to Bollywood tunes. The brand not only wins some brownie points by way of cultural bonding but also positions itself as a fun brand. This can be seen from the long train of comments on the posted video. I have always believed in the power of blogs. Blogs are the best medium to help you tell your story and Finnair has a beautiful blog that does it well. You can read more about how the idea came along and how they went about executing it here.

In my opinion, this little dance has created a much stronger emotional connect than a ‘Republic day’ discount would have done. I wish more brands learn from this excellent form of Customer Relationship Management.

Happy Republic Day to all of you!


Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights.

  • Seema

    Thank you so much and wish you a very Happy Republic Day…..

    • Vinaya Gopal

      Thanks Seema! Hope you’ve enjoyed the day:)

  • Renu

    I am Indian, staying in Japan  for few years.  I saw ur video n I heartly thanksful to Finnair airlines. Thank u so much for celebrating Republic day in such a surprising way.

    • Vinaya Gopal

      Thanks for visiting Renu! yeah, it is indeed a touching move by Finnair.

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