Renault India Launches A Facebook Campaign For Renault Duster

An article on Renault India launching Facebook Campaign For Renault Duster it's new launch

Renault India has started a new Facebook campaign on it’s page for it’s latest model Renault Duster.

Brands using social media for promoting their product is not unique any more but the way they do it makes them stand apart. Last year we saw that Maruti Swift was launched exclusively on Facebook for it’s fans. Tata Nano asked its fans who own it to share their story behind the love for Nano. Now Renault India is doing the same for it’s latest launch in the small SUV segment - Renault Duster.

Targeting the premium C segment with this launch, Renault India has started a new campaign titled – Big Beautiful Efficient on Facebook. In fact the name of the contest is also the tag line of Renault Duster.

How to play the contest

The contest that Renault India has started for its more than 137K fans is exclusive for it’s community. In other words, when you click on the app the page will ask you to like it before you could carry on further.

Renault Duster facebook

After liking the page and the authentication process gets over, you land up on a page where the brand will ask you to select three of your buddies. You will have to select your buddies on the three features: Big, Beautiful and Efficient that also resemble the features of Renault Duster.

You are shown the list of your friends and you have to select them according to the various attributes the brand has asked for. Once you have done that the next step is to tell a place where you would want to take your friends in the new Renault Duster.

Well that is all you have to do and if you are lucky enough then you will get to ride Renault Duster along with your friends. However, I would have preferred if there is some clarity regarding the actual prize - some fan comments were of the opinion that they would win a Renault!

How cool is the Facebook app?

The app is good but not great like the ones I have recently written about. The reason why I say this are listed below:

1. Design: A Facebook app needs to be simple and should be an easy ride for a layman. The app no doubt scores on this. The app makes the selection of friends easy and it allows you a search option to find your friends if you have a heavy list.

Along with this, the app gives a dashboard feel where you can not only post your entry but can also see who else has done. The page also has an option to go back to the Facebook page of Renault.

But along with this, the app is clubbed with two major problems. First I tried my best to find about the Terms & Condition but failed. I am not aware till when the contest is going to run and what are other things that a fan should keep in mind while playing the contest. The brand should have placed the Terms & Conditions prominently on the app itself.

Second if you click on the Gallery option, you can see the people who have played the game but there is no way of going back. The app should have taken care of such minor issues that could have made it a really cool one.

2. Facebook Guidelines: The good part is that the app is following all relevant guidelines and not misusing them as we normally see brands doing it.

3. Tested properly: The app failed to respond on Safari’s new version and I had to finally run in Chrome to make it work.  In addition to this, the app’s response time is severely slow. I hope the brand looks into these small things that are killing the experience of the app.

4. Viral features: The app has used the viral feature that is provided by Facebook such as the ‘Share.’ Use of such features helps the contest to spread out to more users on Facebook.

renault india facebook contentCould the campaign have been better?

The campaign that has been designed for this contest is nothing spectacular. The brand has simply asked to select friends based on the features like big, beautiful, etc. But it has not kept an option to tell why one has done so. Doing that could have brought in some amount of creativity and excitement to the friend who is being voted also.

The content that is being shared regarding this campaign is nothing innovative. Simply asking fans to select friends. It would have been great if the brand had shared content related to the tag line. May be they could have scouted for people who are big, beautiful and efficient for their work.

Definitely the brand is trying to be social by giving you and your friends a chance to take a ride on the new Renault Duster but would require more brainstorming in terms of running Facebook campaigns.