Reliance Presents Unlimited WhatsApp And Facebook

About the new partnership of Whatsapp and Reliance Communications. According to the new "Whatsapp Plan", unlimited Whatsapp and Facebook access will be available to prepaid customers at an additional cost of Rs 16 per month


Whatsapp Bro!

Nope. That wasn’t a question. It’s a heaven-sent answer to all people of my age (read as good looking, smart, kick-ass attitude, no nonsense type, Social Networking freaks! ).

In partnership with Whatsapp, Reliance Communications has released a fantastic new offer to its prepaid users. According to the new “Whatsapp Plan”, unlimited Whatsapp and Facebook access will be available to prepaid customers at an additional cost of Rs 16 per month. ((Article Source))

That’s cheaper than my photostat bills.

This additional cost is inclusive of all data charges for these two services, though its valid to note that they haven’t specified whether uploading photos/videos would have any extra charge. Once subscribed, it automatically gets renewed each month until it is unsubscribed. Which I doubt will happen with all the kids around here heavily dependent on Whatsapp for chatting. Not to forget the fact that unlimited Facebook and Whatsapp for a whole year at about Rs 192! Tempting. Not to mention mouth watering.

Along with this, Reliance has also launched “My College Plan” in which students can call and send SMS within their closed group at just 5 paise whereas sending a group message would cost  just Rs 3 by sending the message to 51112. In their press release, Reliance has said that this offer has been made available to several colleges within the country. To activate that students have to message - SUB (College ID) to 51111. According to their statement, college codes can be found here. Now comes the funny part. When I went to the link and visited the site and tried to find the college code of my college, this is what came up in Firefox.

Reliance My college plan

Not even a single college listed!

In Chrome when I checked, on clicking at the last “Radio Button” for “My College Plan”, the site was re-routed to its home page. Confusing. Either its a big error in updation from Reliance’s side or its a very lame, very late played April Fool’s joke.

Coming back to the idea in hand, must agree its a new and trendy approach by Reliance. They have caught their target audience right where they wanted - in between Facebook and Whatsapp. The bread and butter of every living college going student. It is a first of its kind Social Media plan for GSM customers, and am pretty sure it won’t be the last. It’s some smart thinking from the marketing department over at Reliance. Sure they can expect a pay raise. Once they resolve their issue with the website that is. I still feel trolled.

I would love to see how the student’s react to this offer. From personal experience, I hardly know 5 friends who have a Reliance connection. So am actually even more keen to find out whether this plan is enough to view a shift in ‘Service Provider Loyalty”.

Lets wait and find out.