With 453 Storytellers, Reliance General Insurance Co-Creates #DarkTravelTale

For building buzz on the need for travel insurance, Reliance General Insurance took the storytelling route in its 3-day campaign #DarkTravelTale, curated from Twitter storytellers

Reliance dark travel tale

Social media has been a boon to companies generally perceived to be ‘boring’. Especially when it comes to the insurance sector, you’d expect them to talk endlessly about the benefits of insurance.

But, here’s a general insurance company that is embarking on a different kind of journey on social media. And why not, the idea is to generate interest in its travel insurance plans among young India. With the summer vacations on, the time was also ripe for some promotions.

Reliance General Insurance found this as an opportune time to build a fun and engaging buzz via digital, for its travel insurance offering. However, the brand’s approach was to build the need for travel insurance in a way that is memorable, and not preachy or intrusive.

Dark Travel Tale

Reliance General Insurance and its digital agency, Ogilvy Mumbai chalked up a 3-day digital engagement campaign where the idea was to co-create a graphic novel along with its community called ‘Dark Travel Tale’.

People were encouraged to share their fear with creativity around travelling abroad with a story, thus getting them to acknowledge the need for travel insurance in an interesting way.

#DarkTravelTale sought to become the world’s first Twitter-curated graphic novel. The campaign was launched by giving fans the starting point of the story and asking to them take over. They had to imagine the worst that could happen while travelling abroad to take the story forward. Apart from a chance to feature in the novel, there were Flipkart vouchers to boost participation.

Folks chip in with their creativity and the plot thickens. The brand chooses a twist with due credits to the storyteller.

Some video for that graphic effect.

Travel tales make for a memorable recall

A brand that makes  storytellers out of its community is bound to create a mindspace for all participants. Apart from generating meaningful buzz, the activity also won appreciation from the community. The need for travel insurance has been told in an interesting and memorable way. Gift vouchers further add to the charm of co-storytelling and the incentive to have your plot weaved into the world’s first Twitter-curated graphic novel is a good trigger to create engagement for an insurance brand, an otherwise boring brand.

The campaign hashtag #DarkTravelTale began trending on Twitter within the first two hours. In all, there were 4613 tweets from 453 contributors or rather storytellers, gaining a reach of 795,179 and 23,177,642 timeline deliveries. #DarkTravelTale has the right blend of content co-creation and creative consumer engagement to instill a need for travel insurance.