Region Specific Pages Being Tested By Facebook

An article on the news that Facebook is testing Region Specific Pages

Facebook India

Facebook seems to be all over the media for all the good and bad reasons. Since the IPO, the social network giant has been constantly upgrading with much required features. The latest upgrade that is being tested out is creating region specific pages. As reported by Simply Zesty, Facebook is testing region specific pages for multi national companies who have presence in different locations. For now the feature is in it’s testing phase and is being tested on Facebook’s own marketing page.

To know how the feature works, go to the Facebook Marketing Page and click on the settings button right next to the tab “Messages”. Click on the option “Switch Region” from the pop up.

Facebook Marketing India
Click on Switch Region

You would now witness a pop up that will provide a list of different regions. So click on any of the regions and witness the page changing automatically.

Facebook Marketing India Regions
Select your region

Is it required?

A long pending feature that Facebook had finally thought of giving some attention to. Undoubtedly, an important feature for brands like Coke, Starbucks, KFC, etc. who have presence in different parts of the world. The feature would lead to the centralization of pages and it will remove the pain of searching for different pages. However it is not clear how would this work internally with respect to assembling all the official pages of different regions, which are scattered right now. Besides this, the feature is not coming out soon as there is no official response from Facebook on the roll out of this feature and a quick look on pages like Coke, Starbucks, etc. gives us no signs of this feature being introduced.

So do you think the roll out of region specific pages is good news for a brand so that it can have a quick eye on all of it’s Facebook presence? And will Facebook users benefit from this feature too?