Reebok India Unveils #LiveWithFire Campaign, Invites Fans To Share Their Moment Of Fire Selfies

Reebok India has launched its global #LiveWithFire campaign in India, along with a new brand logo the 'Reebok Delta'. On social, fans need to share their selfies while working out, to win Reebok tees.

Reebok live with fire

Last February, Reebok had launched the ‘Live with fire’ marketing campaign, in continuation of the global fitness brand’s mission to change how people perceive and experience fitness. The central idea was to highlight how an active lifestyle can inspire people to live their lives with passion, intent and purpose – and inspire others to do the same.

This year, the fitness brand has sought to unify its focus around fitness, and so has launched a new logo ‘the Reebok Delta’. Delta, a symbol of change and transformation reflects the brand’s purpose in transforming lives through fitness. The new Delta symbol represents three distinct parts each representing the mental, physical and social changes that fitness can bring about in our lives.

Reebok has now officially launched the new brand identity in India, along with the ‘Live with fire’ campaign, by bringing together three of India’s fittest youth icons – Nargis Fakhri, MS Dhoni and John Abraham. The trio feature in the new ad film designed by McCann who describe what it is to live with fire, while indulging in various fitness activities.

The campaign has also leveraged social media to promote the new mantra. Prior to revealing the new commercial, the Facebook and Twitter pages of Reebok India geared up fans around the message ‘Live with fire’. Reebok invited fans to guess what the three brand ambassadors were up to. The three celebrities shared the TVC video with their millions of followers, soon after the video film was released.

To engage consumers, the brand then announced a selfie contest where they could stand a chance to win a Reebok T-shirt. One had to capture their moment of fire with a selfie and post it on their Facebook profile or Twitter page. The entries needed to be tagged with Reebok India handle and include the hashtag ‘#LiveWithfire. The winning selfies have been featured on the social pages along with their names.

Connecting with the fitness conscious

A brand needs to connect with the right target group in order to create an impactful campaign. While the TVC highlights the core idea behind the new Reebok Delta logo, it also helps reinforce what it means to live with fire.

Besides, the selfie contest helps connect with the new social-savvy, smartphone generation that takes pride in sharing their selfies. Clicking a selfie while working out is something to be shared specially if it gets you a Reebok t-shirt. Although, engaging through a selfie campaign is much too clichéd, the ‘moment of fire’ required in the selfie has managed to create a difference here.

However, I wonder why a global campaign like ‘Live with fire’ took a year to kick off in India.