Kangana Invites Women To Share Their #FitToFight Story For Reebok India

The three time National Award winning actress and brand ambassador of Reebok India, Kangana Ranaut is calling all women to share their inspiring stories in second leg of #FitTofight campaign

Reebok Kangana Ranaut #Fittofight

Kangana Ranaut may have just received her third National Award for Best Actress for Tanu Weds Manu Returns, but the powerhouse of talent will not rest easy. This could just be one of the several big dreams she was told to not have, yet she has shattered their lowly expectations of her, and her abilities to fulfil them. Today the young actress is enjoying the fruits of hard labour after having battled severe criticism over the years.

Her story fits like a glove in Reebok India’s latest campaign ‘Fit to Fight’ where the actress is the face of the campaign seeking to make fitness a part of our daily schedule. The new ad film is again inspired by her own life, just as the earlier one, in which she talks about her personal triumphs.

She is seen skipping in full concentration all throughout, while her voiceover mouths the dialogues:

“I was told I shouldn’t dream big.”

“I was told I was nothing more than a ‘flash in the pan’.”

“I was told I was a one-expression actor.”

“I was told I couldn’t carry a full-length feature film on my own.”

“But I knew, if I was ‘fit to fight’, I was ‘fit to be more’. To Be More human.”

After every dialogue, the scene cut to how Ranaut rubbished everything she was told. For instance, when she was told to not dream big, we see a poster of  her in the cover page. When she was told she couldn’t carry a full-length feature film on her own, we see the poster of her ‘Queen’ that did well at the box office.

At the end, she invites women to share their inspiring stories and promises to take these stories of courage to the world.

The campaign is powered by a website that provides more information about the sportswear brand’s new philosophy of ‘Fit to Fight’. One can get inspired by Kangana’s story and choose to share theirs after signing up at the site. The most inspiring stories will be brought to life by Reebok at the ‘Be More Human Awards’ and get felicitated by the actress herself.

The site also houses success stories of courageous women like Bladerunner Kiran Kanojia; visually challenged single mother of two, Preeti Monga; Yoga Expert Dr. Shubhra Arora and Divya Sharma who lost 35 kgs in 6 months through pure determination and discipline. Stories can be shared through the social sharing buttons provided.

The website also links to the Reebok online store where you can buy the items worn by Kangana. Additionally, you can watch for more videos including one behind-the-scenes video that proves Kangana is a fitness freak.

Well-timed and crafted to perfection

Reebok India has been fortunate to have Kangana as its brand ambassador at this time, when the actress is at the peak of all news, most of which is lauding her efforts. Capitalizing on Kangana’s growing popularity and fighting spirit to emerge the ultimate winner, be it in her acting capabilities or in the way she conducts her personal life, the sportswear brand has let it seamlessly fall over the brand’s philosophy of ‘Fit to Fight’, an extension of its global mission: Be More Human.

This time the website inviting user stories has tied up all loose ends in the digital approach taken earlier. Enabling women to share their stories will truly build a sense of bonding and ‘belongingness’ with the spirit of ‘Fit to Fight’. The film driven by the website makes for a powerful storytelling campaign, that involves as much consumer stories as it does the brand philosophy.  Reebok India could well own the women’s fitness wear category in the country.