Ignite Fitness Fire Campaign by Reebok India Has The Idea In Place But The Execution Is Buggy

Reebok India launches Ignite Fitness Fire campaign by a Facebook app and a mobile app. The objective of the campaign is good but the campaigns fails in its execution.

Reebok – The fitness gear brand has come up with an inspirational campaign which intends to keep you fit. The integrated campaign intends to teach you how an active lifestyle can help you live your lives with passion and purpose. With MS Dhoni, one of the fittest cricketers in Team India roped in for it, the campaign is intended for their new offering ‘Reebok RealFlex’ that tries to unify the brands lifestyle and fitness business through social media.

The Reebok Ignite Fitness Fire needs you to download and install the mobile application, available at Google Play here and Apple App Store here. Additionally, the official Facebook page of Reebok India  that boasts of more than 2.1 million fans, has created an application with the purpose of spreading awareness on Facebook. The Faceboook app informs the user how to participate in the contest and updates him about the features like Ignite Locations, Top Ignites and the Real Flex shoe.

The mobile app combines work and play and subsequently extracting reward points while you are visiting the places marked as Ignite places. A user needs to scan these places in order to get reward points. The objective of the campaign is to encourage users to venture out, garner maximum points by scanning places and beat Mahendra Singh Dhoni on the charts. The top 10 winners get a pair of Reebok RealFlex each!

How does the mobile app work?

On logging into the app, the welcome screen informs the user to connect with Facebook and updates with a screen of instructions along with showcasing leaders or Top Igniters. The design and execution of the application is simple enough to understand with easy to view Terms and Conditions stated at the bottom. The app works in 4 simple steps:

1. Start the app and find an Ignite location nearby. Go to the specified location.
2. Click ‘Ignite the Fire’ to see the Realflex shoe on the phone.
3. Move closer till you see people working out around the shoe and then hit capture on  the application.
4. Earn points and stand a chance to win.

Clicking on “Ignite the Fire” starts your camera to capture the Realflex product. While testing, the app showed me that I was 1.08 kms away from the location and on capture I would earn 100 points on each such attempt. However, the app could have been activated when being in the vicinity of the product to ensure accurate participation. People can keep clicking pictures sitting in their homes and earn points without even venturing out. (Just as I did, earning points while I was sitting on my couch). This defeats the whole purpose of the application!

A user can find the nearest “Ignite Spots” after turning on the GPS and finding out the accurate location. But the map feature in the app zoomed in a location which was around 20 kms far from my house and I had to scroll through to find out if there is any Ignite spot in my locality to avail this feature. The maps feature could have been leveraged better to ensure the application shows accurate location to avoid confusion. (Yes, my GPS is working fine!).

The app features a leader board  that showcases the “Top Igniters” section and it looks like some of the players are already on course to beat MSD’s record on the app. The ‘Ignite Points’ section shows total points earned along with the respective Ignite locations. The application had listed 4 places for which I earned 400 points by just sitting on my couch. I captured all the images by just sitting in  one place but the app failed to detect it and informed that the images have been captured from 4 different locations. (Either the app has some serious issues with tracking locations or I can time travel with the application in real time!)

A separate section has been designed to check out their latest offering of ‘RealFlex’ and make sure you check out the videos listed under the section.

Overall the app has a good concept but failed to live up to its planned execution. With too many glitches and workaround for the audience to gain points, brand Reebok has failed to live up to its expectation.

Promotion on Social Channels

Reebok’s Facebook page is keeping its fans regularly updated with the app news and encouraging users to download it and participate. The engagement rate on the Facebook page is not something to talk much about with less than 2% engagement rate for the past 3 months. The app on Facebook works in a similar fashion as the mobile application with the same set of tabs in place. While testing one of the features on the Facebook app, I noticed that the map was locating New Delhi as my location even when I had selected  ‘Maharsahtra/Mumbai’ as my location!

Apart from a Facebook presence, Reebok India is not on Twitter and the YouTube channel that was launched 2 years ago is as good as dead.

How it could have been better?

Though the campaign is running globally on all the Reebok channels in all the leading countries, it could have been promoted better on India’s Reebok channels. The mobile application needs to work properly without the glitches. Increasing the Facebook engagement,  creating a Twitter presence and promoting with a hashtag such as #LiveWithFire could bolster the social media efforts for this campaign. YouTube could also have been roped in to provide tips surrounding fitness, better fitness regimes and to promote their new product subtly. Lack of overall social media integration and application loopholes have pulled down the new campaign by Reebok.

Have you downloaded the Ignite Fire application yet? Let me know what you think about Reebok’s latest campaign.