How Reebok Roped In India’s Bestselling Author To Build A Community Of Fitness Enthusiasts

Chetan Bhagat and Reebok India have launched 'Reeboot 100' – a 100-day transformation program with a diet and fitness plan designed for Bhagat, to build a community of fitness enthusiasts at ReebokOne

Reebok reeboot 100

2015 has commenced with a fitness campaign featuring a writer at the core! India’s most popular bestselling author, Chetan Bhagat has resolved to get out of his comfort zone – writing – to get into the zone of complete fitness in a span of 100 days.

At one of his motivational talks, a girl asked Bhagat if he was doing something out of his comfort zone, at which point the author realised its been a while that he quit banking and was set comfortably in writing. Bhagat decided to take up fitness as a personal challenge this year, and helping him is Reebok India, one of India’s leading fitness brand.

Brand Bhagat and Reebok India have come up with “Reeboot 100” – a 100-day transformation program with a diet and fitness plan designed for Bhagat. Designed by Reebok master trainer Vinata Shetty, the Reeboot 100 fitness challenge includes a range of fitness activities such as cardio training, functional movement training including running, crossfit and yoga.

So, starting January 1, 2015, Bhagat has been on the challenge, and, interestingly, has been sharing his progress (or the lack of it) on his social media properties. Bhagat enjoys a combined fan/followership of 10.25 million with his Facebook page boasting of over 2.66 million fans and his Twitter handle having over 3.99 million followers.

Here Bhagat introduces himself and the fitness challenge he’s taken on. Urging viewers to take up the fitness pledge, he also shares about ReebokOne, Reebok’s dedicated site for Reeboot 100.

Reeboot 100 boots online

At ReebokOne, one can log in and take the fitness pledge. Participation has been incentivised with GOQii fitness bands for one lucky winner every day, and an additional 50% discount on the fitness bands for all participants.

Apart from tracking Bhagat’s fitness journey, the site also showcases Reebok fitness gear, the benefits of being a member of the ReebokOne community and also helps find fitness professionals from various specialities.

ReebokOne website

Reebok India’s Facebook page has been sharing extensively on the campaign while driving fans to the website. Content shared includes visuals of Bhagat’s daily progress at the Reebok fitness studio and general fitness related content along with urging fans to take on the fitness pledge. Bhagat, on his part, is sharing his experiences at his Facebook page.

Post by Reebok India.

Post by Chetan Bhagat.

Similarly, the Twitter accounts of both Reebok India and Bhagat are active in spreading the word.

#FitnessIsForEveryone: If Bhagat can, so can I

Building a unique community for fitness trainers and enthusiasts is the way forward for a fitness brand. The concept of Reeboot 100 goes beyond being a one-time campaign to a much larger canvas where Reebok India acts as an enabler of fitness for all fitness enthusiasts in the country.

Roping in a popular writer like Chetan Bhagat has twofold benefits: For one, he is highly influential in offline as well as in the online world, especially when it comes to his motivational talks, opinion columns in the newspaper and strong inclination towards inspiring the youth. Secondly, what viewers see is a Punjabi foodie writer getting fitter by following the Reeboot 100 plan. This sends a strong signal to the viewer that if Bhagat can, so can I, thereby resounding the brand mantra - #FitnessIsForEveryone.

The ultimate winner is Reebok; with its Reeboot 100, the brand is seeking authentic ownership of the fitness category in the country. Hope you take the pledge and join the fitness brigade!