#FitToFight: Kangana Ranaut’s Personal Triumphs Seek To Inspire Women In Reebok Brand Story

The minute-long ad is grounded, non-preachy and sure packs a punch in just a few responses, Kangana shines as usual as Reebok hopes to bask in the reflected glory

Reebok Kangana Ranaut #Fittofight

Kangana Ranaut is the story of grit, determination and sweating it out against all odds. An outsider to the big bad world of Hindi cinema, the actress has often been quoted sharing the deep, dark secrets lurking within the confines of the film industry.

Accused of having succumbed to compromises in the industry, ridiculed for her accented English, showered with criticism over her acting skills, tried and tested every moment in her life, she has now risen to become a critic’s favourite. To top it, she was also the unwanted girl child battling for survival, against a system only favourable to boys.

Kangana is now a two time National award winning actress and #FitToFight. The actress is now the face of Reebok India’s latest campaign ‘Fit to Fight’ wherein the dialogues are inspired by her own life.

Kangana is going about her fitness regime: there’s weightlifting, yoga, cross-fit, dancing, push-ups, kickboxing and much more, all in her Reebok fitness gear, when a male voiceover asks her a series of tough questions on her life.

“What did you feel when your father didn’t support your dreams?”

“Focused,” she replies.

“After your first movie you didn’t get any new offers. How did you deal with that?”

“I raised my game.”

“How did you respond to media criticism regarding your ability in English?

“I let that pass.”

“Two national awards. Where do you go from here?”

“I’ll keep sweating.”

At this point, Kangana drives home the central message: “How fit you are, decides how far you go. Go far. Be more. Be more human.”

Conceptualised by McCann Erickson India, the film has been directed by Shirsha Guha Thakurta of Oink Films. The ad film was published on social media channels right on the eve of International Women’s Day.

Launched last year, ‘Be more human‘ is touted to be the fitness brand’s biggest marketing campaign in over a decade. Competing with a Nike on one hand, and finding its own identity on the other, has been an uphill journey for Reebok, more like pushing a boulder up a hill of brand identity. Urging consumers to ‘be more human’ was conceived as the right fit for its re-branded identity: the Reebok Delta with each of the three sides representing physical, mental and social change that can be achieved through fitness and healthy living.

Ever since the launch of the campaign, Reebok has been celebrating stories of people who pushed their own personal limits, expanded their own mental and social strength, not just their physical strength.

Back home, with Kangana’s story driving the campaign message, the social media channels of Reebok India are also bringing forth stories of Indians, especially women, who have always been #FitToFight. Astronaut Sunita Williams, ace mountaineer Arunima Sinha, Squash champion Dipika Pallikal all find a mention for their #Fittofight attitude in life.

The video-driven campaign has been shared by many, in addition to the brand asking viewers to tag the special woman in their life who is #Fittofight, Reebok promised to sponsor an exclusive experience for them.

Reebok India’s official Instagram account was also launched along with the campaign on Women’s Day. What you see is a grid of images of tough women sweating it out in Reebok gear.

The right celeb. The right tone.

Reebok India’s bringing on board Kangana Ranaut has won it half the battle or maybe even more. Her story fits like a glove with the campaign message, I can’t think of a better brand ambassador than her who embodies the triple essence of Reebok Delta. The minute-long ad is grounded, non-preachy and sure packs a punch in just a few responses. Moreover, timing it around Women’s Day has helped it ride the wave of Women’s Day messages by brands. Apparently, the brand is looking to own women’s fitness wear category in the country.

However, the buzz on social media could do with some excitement. The #FitToFight conversations on Twitter  could be appealing with visuals, posters or maybe gifs of the woman achievers. Going forward, the brand could bring in more user participation by bringing forth their stories.