Rediff ZaraBol, The New Indian Twitter!

Rediff ZaraBol, The New Indian Twitter!

Whenever there is a new launch by Facebook, Google or Twitter we are all aware days before. However, the same has never applied to Rediff. Some time back it had launched Rediff Deals without much noise and recently it launched ZaraBol again without fanfare. Thanks to for pointing this launch otherwise how many of us really visit Rediff on a regular basis? Even if some do how many would have cared to witness the few hashtags hiding in the middle of the home page?

Rediff ZaraBol is a micro blogging portal or a communication social network complied within 140 characters. Yes you have guessed it right, it is a replica of Twitter. But then when you can have a Bing for Google, Flipkart for Amazon, Zomato for Burrp, etc. then why not a ZaraBol for Twitter!  To access the new feature one will require a Rediff account and if you don’t have one then it is a tedious job of filling the form and creating a new one. Strangely they haven’t evolved from the old forms to providing auth support to other popular networks. The look and feel is an exact copy of Twitter. ZaraBol supports adding of an image, video and hashtags but will all this be lucrative enough to attract people to use this service.

Rediff ZaraBol

Before you answer this question, let me ask you one important question - how many actually visit Rediff , use it’s email or are still blogging on its portal. Five to six years back, Rediff was one of my constant source of online information. Be it the latest updates, insightful articles, cricket or Bollywood, Rediff was my one-point destination and till a long time I used to shop in it too. But today I no more visit it because I have better alternatives. In today’s fast paced times, I think if businesses don’t evolve to be customer-centric then either they perish or are left aside.

Personally, it would have been great if Rediff had been an Indian customer centric portal and moved ahead with times. No doubt Rediff with this launch has tried to be a copy cat but can it improvise on the copied model. Can Rediff make ZaraBol an Indian communication network supporting the local languages? Twitter has done a lip service in this area but is Rediff crazy enough to seek this opportunity. I have dropped an email to Rediff on the same questions that I have shared above, though it was on a feedback form as they haven’t displayed their email id.

Are you ready to leave Twitter and join Rediff Zarabol? Do you think this is a smart move or just a laid back copied innovation? And is Rediff today just a replica of all popular networks and sites?