Red FM Urges The Youth To #DabaaKeBajaa This Lok Sabha Elections

93.5 Red FM and Election Commission of India have launched an election awareness campaign to encourage youth to take the pledge to vote using 'Dabaa ke bajaa' campaign



The nation is going to witness its biggest elections this year with over 814 million registered voters, of which … are the first-time voters to join the electorate. The 16th Lok Sabha elections is a historic one too – it has brought forth a third dimension representing the common man to contend alongside the mighty forces.  Coupled with social media empowerment, the elections have awakened most of the nation to voice their choice and contribute to a better governance. And Indian brands are adding their bit too, by encouraging people to vote.

93.5 Red FM, one of India’s biggest radio network has launched the ‘Dabaa Ke Bajaa’ campaign where the youth of India are being encouraged to pledge their vote. With the youth getting immensely restless about our nation’s present and future, the radio network is urging people that ‘mere talking isn’t enough’ and now is the time to take some action by ‘dabaa ke bajaa’ – a saucy variation to Red FM’s tagline ‘Bajaate Raho’.

Interestingly, this election awareness campaign is officially supported by the Election Commission of India. Digitally  conceptualized and executed by digital marketing agency, FoxyMoron, the campaign uses social media to reach out to the youth.

Dabaa Ke Bajaa

In addition to on-air and on-ground activities, the radio network is also leveraging other mediums like digital and social to maximize reach. Red FM has released a digital film depicting the everyday life of a common person who ‘presses buttons’ all day long – from car keys to the mobile phone, to a laptop and a light switch. However, what about an all-important ‘button’ to cast one’s vote, it questions the viewer.

The video film is being shared across the social media platforms of Red FM. Beginning of this month, the brand’s Facebook page shared teaser visuals asking fans how many buttons did they press in a day. This was soon followed by a cover photo sharing the pledge request and a message to make India foolproof, interestingly, the day also coincided with April Fools’ Day.

The video film was then shared asking fans to take the pledge to vote, along with a link to the Facebook app on Red FM’s page. You need to like the page first, before you can ‘press to pledge’. The app lets you invite your Facebook friends too, apart from displaying a live counter of pledges taken.

Red_FM_dbaa_ke_bajaa_Facebook_appThis has been followed by contests on both Facebook and Twitter using the campaign hashtag #DabaaKeBajaa. A Facebook wall contest is asking fans for witty answers to what all buttons they press in a day. Apart from questions based on the video film, contests involve inviting the community to contribute with fun ideas around voting excuses, importance, etc. are being hosted on Twitter.

Connecting with the youth

Dabaa ke Bajaa‘ is a catchy war-cry, more in tune with the language of the youth and reflective of their collective angst to change the system. For an election awareness campaign, Red FM’s choice of communication using ‘dabaa ke bajaa’ is well aligned to the target group – the youth demographic with its high spirits and zeal for making things happen. Moreover, the campaign message also emphasizes on ‘bajaate raho’, the radio network’s tagline.

While it has the right elements for a call to action, the campaign has also made good use of social media to spread the message. Getting youngsters to pledge to vote is not only helping the campaign mobilize them for election day, but also building a meaningful engagement with Red FM. Cool campaign by Red FM and ECI, one which hopefully adds to the ultimate voter turnout.