Red Digital Rolls Out Foursquare Campaign For Monginis

Red Digital Rolls Out Foursquare Campaign For Monginis

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Indian brands are now experimenting with different ways of engaging and holding fans on their various social networks. Monginis which is one of them, has recently launched India’s biggest location based service (LBS) using Foursquare across its 447 outlets in India. The campaign has been designed by Red Digital to tap in benefits of location based networking using Foursquare which is already a hit in the western market.

Foursquare has been the obvious choice for this campaign as a location based service provider due to its popularity in this arena. Harsh Jain, Founder & CEO of Red Digital had the same thing to add:


“Foursquare has rapidly emerged from being a new player to becoming one of the hottest platforms to promote a brand on social media. It can do wonders for retailers and restaurants, as their customers end up becoming their brand ambassadors and go on to influence friends through their experiences rather than standard promotions by the brands. This pan-India launch for Monginis emphasizes our continued focus on digital innovation aimed at bringing value to our clients”.


With this new move Monginis will have more real time interaction and appreciation for its loyal customers at retail outlets. Users after checkin can list their favorite items, leave a tip for others, share it with friends and if you are a mayor then you stand a chance to get some goodies. Virendra Ghole, General Manager- Marketing & Ecommerce is also quite upbeat with this move and had this to add:


“Over the years Monginis has created a big fan following through its network of retail shops. As the world becomes increasingly tech savvy, Monginis has to update itself and allow its fans to express their liking for Monginis and its products in the online space also. Foursquare is doing for us exactly what we and our fans desire”.


Mongins is not the first one to use Foursquare as few months ago Cafe Coffee Day India had implemented this for its Bangalore outlets. Personally I am a big fan of Foursquare and had used it for nearly six months. I don’t doubt the future of Foursquare but what I am skeptic about is how successful could it be on the Indian turf. With infrastructure being a problem I think Indian brands and users are yet to understand what can be done and what should not be done with LBS. Some brands who are doing it have not innovated enough from the mere 10 percent discount or a free WIFI for the mayor. So Monginis and Red Digital going further have two major challenges on how they are going to educate users with the do’s and don’ts of Foursquare and create innovative promotions.

Source: Business Standard