Recommendations Make Your Profile Creditable

by Prasant on May 3, 2022

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Recommendation is a certificate of proof that makes your social media profile creditable. Years ago Orkut started the same thing where one had to write testimonials about their friend. The idea was funny but it gave a chance to boast what your friends thought about you on your profile. LinkedIn, the social professional network also allows you to get recommendations from your friends, peers, managers, teachers, etc.
Recommendations are a trust badge and also a source of attraction to your profile. Suppose a recruiter is looking for a person to fill a role of a manager. You are one of those managers who has everything on his profile- education, training, experience, etc. but you don’t have two words of appreciation neither from your peers nor from your superiors. Chances are less that a particular recruiter is going to get in touch, so why not  add an extra shine wherein your community recommends you. Even if you run a SME, recommendation is a quality certificate that your happy customer can provide you and in return you may get some more inquiries. Recommendation can’t get you a job or a business but makes your profile creditable which may lead to new opportunities.
Ask from your trusted community
Where should you start from? Our suggestion is to have at least one recommendation from all of your past, present organizations and school/college. If it’s a college, go back to your teacher/professor and ask them for a recommendation. If it’s your previous organization or existing one, ask from your peers and your managers. If you had a client role, then it’s a great idea to have work recommendation. The idea is simple, if you ever shared a great rapport with anyone, go ahead and ask for you recommendation.
1. Write a customized email, rather than the automated one from Linkedin. People will be interested in replying to a customized email as it shows that you are really interested in getting a recommendation and not doing for the heck of it.
2. Don’t make a mistake of sending to someone you never gelled with.Please don’t make a mistake of doing an email blast. We have got a lot of recommendation emails from strangers whom we have never worked with. As much as it sounds foolish, it is also useless..
3. Provide the recommender with few suggestions on the content of your recommendation that should be covered n you recommendation. Suppose if you are sending to your existing company manager and if you are in a team leading job then you would love to have your team management skills to be highlighted. Do evaluate your recommender and for what role. Depending on this then send the areas to be covered in your recommendation. This will make your recommendation unique and not repetitive with the same list of adjectives.
4. Don’t sit on the recommender’s head to get a recommendation, it’s a favor you are requesting for.
Review it
Make sure you review your recommendation when you receive it. If you are not happy, do get it changed to your liking. If Tip 3 is used then re-editing process time will be reduced. So don’t miss this one.
Don’t forget to provide recommendation
Finally you have got a nice recommendation and you have displayed it on your profile.Have you provided recommendation about your mentors, teachers who shaped your career, managers who helped you to grow your career and friends who provided you support? It’s not necessary to recommend but it’s worth the effort to share your thoughts . If you have been moved by a service and really mentored by a manager then why are we waiting to share recommendation. Be genuine. Do-not recommend to return a favor; just do it for your community.
Have you recommended someone or are you waiting for someone to recommend you. Do you find recommendation worthy enough or is it that you scratch my back and I scratch yours?


Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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