How These 5 Brands Could Have Scored With Realtime Doomsday Marketing

What if planet Earth had 3 minutes left? Devaashish S. Savant picks his marketing brain to create real time ads for doomsday. A missed opportunity by brands!

Editor’s Note: The article has been cross-posted from LinkedIn Pulse with due consent from the author - Devaashish S. Savant, a marketing and communications professional. You can follow him on Twitter - @Devaashish_

Ironically, it all started with Time’s article on Doomsday — the headline as intriguing as the ‘happening’ had me instantly obsessing over the possibilities of the consequences it would yield for the world.

And I guess, that’s when somewhere in my head did my erstwhile copywriter come alive. After the switch from an Agency to a MarCom profile… My last outing with advertising (print) was with the ‘The Hindu v/s Times of India‘ scam ads that I came-up with as a result of awe for O&M’s (Ogilvy South) actual campaign and  undeniably the sense of being too much of a corporate drone.

This time around however, all the ‘world-ending’ speculations that I started-off with; led to insights. Soon enough, I was asking myself, if planet Earth had 3 minutes left, what would I be doing? Since the answers were many, a marketer’s brain soon kicked-in and I looked at this as an opportunity to look at making ads that induce inherent ‘Needs’ to become satiable ‘Wants’ and thereby make for some opportunistic marketing.

With a 9-5 MarCom job to do justice to, here are 5 (scam) ads that I managed to pull-off during the day:

1. Coverfox

When you need insurance, instantly

Doomsday Marketing 2

2. CNN

If it isn’t not on time, ‘News’ it’s nothing but ‘History’.

Doomsday Marketing 3

3. Maggi

2-minute noodles for a last-minute treat.

Doomsday Marketing 4

4. Vodafone 4G

A life of buffering and slow data-speeds? — No way.

Doomsday Marketing 5

5. Fevikwik

Quick-fixes aren’t enough when life needs fixing, quickly.

Doomsday Marketing 6

I’ll conclude with the hope that the world doesn’t actually end anytime soon and that you liked the Ads.