How brands nailed real time visual content marketing during the demonetisation wave

In the chaotic days post demonitisation, not only is India winning the war against black money, but Indian brands are winning the real time content marketing game too

Ever since the surprise announcement by PM Modi on the 8th of November last week - about demonetizing Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes in a move to crackdown on black money flowing in the system - there’s been a state of chaos in the nation. Divided opinions amongst commoners, heated debates amongst experts and wild opposition reactions from the other side are running rife everywhere. When Modi said that Diwali is over, and now its time for some deep cleaning, he really meant it.

The radical move has seen gunny bags of notes stashed away for years, seeing the light of the day, finally. Reports of thousand rupee notes found in dustbins and even the holy river Ganga, highlight the sad reality of the situation of black money in the country. For people with white money, it’s been one hell of a jolt too; their everyday familiar roller coaster ride suddenly turned into a ‘Survivor Series’. Cash became invalid overnight and small change became hard to come by, life was all about going to the bank, to the ATM, to the post office, to return their old notes and get some 100 rupee ones.

Modi is urging everyone to see the bright side: a little days of inconvenience are far better than a future filled with corruption. Quite a radical addition to his earlier cleanliness initiative ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan’. And, brands are making hay while the sun shines. Digital payments and wallet companies, banks driving digital transactions are all about lauding the PM’s move, while happily promoting their services. Paytm, Mobikwik, Ola Money, to name a few, have been running ads, even as Paytm is shouting the loudest, “ATM nahi, Paytm karo”.

These brands may be the winners as India truly transforms into a Digital economy, the real winners, however, are in the space of visual content marketing; the brands that quickly churned out marketing pitches in near real time on social media. These are the new-age brands with a finger on the pulse of the nation, and creative teams doling out some real time marketing messages. We bring you here, a list of witty visuals rolled out by Indian brands, in the chaotic days after the radical demonitisation move:


Amul’s topicals say way more than any research on the effects of demonitization.

Britannia Good Day

The cookie with the smile reiterates how smiles are free!

KitKat India

This one is impressive, using a 500-rupee note Kit Kat has smartly weaved in its association with having a kitkat in your break.

Center Fresh India

If you are an addict of these mouth freshening mints, you would relate.


The founder of the housing portal makes a strong statement with this visual.

Tata Coffee Grand

Yes, only black coffee is allowed!


Skore has certainly scored (pun intended) with this public interest ad.

Garnier Men India

The men’s skin care brand is all about keeping oil away from your face.

Vodafone India

The telco found a great occasion to pitch for M-pesa. I like this tiny tale concept, to drive home the point.


The mattress maker really got witty in this visual.

Pizza Express India

You don’t need to be a millionaire to have pizza.

Godrej Aer

Great rendition of the concept of ‘change’ and the pun used.


Monopoly players would love this!

Foster’s India

The new chilled Foster’s bottle compares the current situation to its nifty design that keeps the beer extra chilled.


The spectacle maker makes a fun pitch for its services.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

The chocolate brand looks to associate itself with new things, new beginnings and new celebrations.


The plyboard maker makes a smart association around termites and black money, both are infestations we need to get rid of.


Wai Wai

The instant noodles gets into its elements!


The hyperlocal delivery app defines how Indians should do their grocery shopping.

Don’t forget to share your favourites with us. Do share (in the comments) if you’ve come across real-time visuals around demonitization that deserve a mention here. And, always,’ say no to black money’ and ‘say yes to visual content marketing’ in this visual-driven media age.

Feature image courtesy: Sudarsan Pattnaik