Indian Brands That Impressed Us With Real-Time Marketing

Looking at Indian brands like Amul, Zomato, Flipkart and others that have leveraged their content strategy to bring about real-time engagement

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Building a content strategy for your social media properties might be a weekly affair, but it pays to be on your toes too. Like the Oreo social media team during Super Bowl 2013. A timely tweet about the power outage at the Superdrome turned the brand into an overnight sensation, garnering the maximum ever retweets in the history of the brand.

“Power Out? No Problem…you can still dunk in the dark,” it read with an image of a sole Oreo lit against a dark background; the tweet quickly spread through the social web, making the brand a case study in real-time content engagement. Oreo had a team of artists, strategists and copywriters waiting all evening to create this big moment, but a lot of other brands are also waiting for their big moment on social media.

Because brands and fans are engaging with one another in real-time on social media, the challenge is to bring out relevant, timely content. Everybody is ready with their Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or International Sushi Eating Day visuals, but are they really braced for events that occur in real-time, stuff that their fan base is interested in, the most buzzy thing on everyone’s timelines?

We have quite a few favourites when it comes to brands creating quality content for their social media pages, but then only a few make their mark when it is about timely posts. A dedicated in-house social media team, a fast approval process in place and an urge to create that big moment can surely lead to some magic.

Amul’s topicals are a brilliant example of timely content. Be it their billboards or the now most followed Facebook and Twitter pages, one of India’s most legendary brands never fails to impress with its real-time take on trending current affairs. Amul is almost synonymous with butter, and Amul’s topicals ensure it stays that way.

When former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, in a debate on British colonisation in India at the Oxford University, argued that Britain’s prosperity in the 18th and 19th century was built on resources taken from India, among other things, undoubtedly he became a viral sensation on that day. Amul stole the day with its timely visual captioned ‘Owe Oxford’. The twist to the tagline - ‘Bread par tharoori hai!’

Scroll through its page for a visual treat on how the brand strives to stay relevant and engaged with its consumers.

Flipkart is another shining example in good content strategy. The ecommerce brand which otherwise focuses on maximising its app downloads and its many product offers, also resorts to timely content to connect better with its target audience, at times. When Ninetendo founder, Satoru Iwata passed away, Flipkart paid a fitting tribute to the founder.

The iconic first image of Pluto was the talk of our planet, when it was captured by NASA’s Pluto mission. And the fun part – there is a heart-shaped formation on the planet. Brands in the business of love could have capitalized on this, but it was Cornetto India that took the crown that day.

The icecream maker shared a sweet little love story from ‘Terribly Tiny Tales’ that weaved in the heart seen on Pluto!

It was run as a Promoted Tweet that has earned over 500 retweets and 1000 favourites.

Understandably, Disney’s most loved cartoon character couldn’t be left behind. Disney India rolled out a video about a Pluto sighting that’s out of this world.


Zomato, the restaurant search app which is on a global expansion spree, and which really produces some amazing content for its food loving community, did not share a visual treat as always. However, it did convey NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft of its inter-planetary expansion plans.

And now that Earth 2.0 - a planet similar to Earth has been discovered, a couple of brands got really carried away, calling it as Big Brother and Lost cousin., the startup with the most aggressive brand marketing campaign and fast growth track, came up with an interesting visual for our long ‘lost cousin’.

Idea Cellular asked its fans if they were ready to move to Big Brother Earth 2.0.

Going by the engagement numbers, clearly, these brands have scored with their timely content. Content is king but timely content is even better in this ever-on digital age. Being in synch with what’s buzzing on social, helps brands gain an edge in their routine content plan. Hopefully, we have more instances like these in the Indian social media space.