Rdio Is Shutting Down, Emoji Is 2015 Word Of The Year

Global digital marketing news which includes Rdio Is Shutting Down, Emoji Is 2015 Word Of The Year

1. Harvey Nichols Gift Face challenged: Harvey Nichols is running “Gift Face”, a Christmas advertising campaign centred on fears of receiving or giving an inappropriate gift. The commercial at the heart of the campaign shows a woman receiving gift after gift from members of her family, all the while wearing a “gift face”, smiling with fake gratitude.

2. Facebook Catches Criticism for Rolling Out Safety Check for Paris but Not Beirut: Social-media users were fairly quick to point out that Facebook did not respond with a social-solidarity tool or safety check-in after a terrorist attack killed dozens of people and injured 200 more in Beirut.

3. With These 2 New Products, YouTube Hopes to Make the Season Bright for Retailers: After testing a pair of shopping-based products with a few select companies, YouTube is making TrueView and shopping ads available to all retailers using Google AdWords.

4. Companies Target Journalists With Ads on Facebook: Marketers, public relations companies and advertising agencies are increasingly using social media to carefully place messages in front of journalists and media professionals, in the hope that doing so will “earn” them or their clients coverage, or at least keep them top-of-mind for a mention.

5. Facebook Piloting New Profile Search Feature On Profile Pages: The Huffington Post’s Business editor, Alexander Kaufman, saw the above search box that relegated the search function to a specific profile. Mashable was also able to replicate the feature, along with the specific results, and was able to confirm that this was in fact a test that was being piloted.

6. Argos Just Can’t Wait for Christmas: Argos, the UK store chain, is running “Just Can’t Wait For Christmas”, a Christmas advertising campaign connecting mountain-side snow sports with the fast delivery offered over the next month. Filmed in Valle Nevado in Chile, the commercial shows world-class Canadian snowboarder Justin Lamoureux leaping from a 10-metre ledge holding a red flare.

7. Twitter is experimenting with multiple emoji reactions: Twitter user @_Ninji noticed a feature with more reactions than just the heart. Instead, @_Ninji could access a popup menu from the icon with other emoji, including the crying face and the 100.

8. The Oxford Dictionaries word of the year is an emoji: Dictionaries aren’t safe from the power of a linguistic whim either, and so maybe that’s why Oxford Dictionaries has chosen an emoji as its 2015 word of the year. It’s the crying-from-laughter / crying-from-happiness emoji — officially known as the Face with Tears of Joy emoji.

9. Flipboard launches related stories and gift guide to boost engagement: Flipboard is getting ready to roll out two new ways to get its users more engaged with its publishing platform: related stories and a holiday gift guide.

10. Facebook Now Using Google App Indexing To Drive Visitors From Search Into Its App: Facebook has long opened up some of its walled garden to Google, in order to gain Google traffic. Now Facebook is stepping up its search engine optimization game by implementing Google App Indexing to ensure it continues to get that traffic as the shift to mobile continues.

11. Rdio is shutting down and Pandora is buying up the scraps: Today it announced that it is acquiring “several key assets” from Rdio, which is filing for bankruptcy. The purchase price is $75 million, and the acquisition includes technology and intellectual property.