RCB Pulls Up A #GayleStorm On Social Media As Well As In IPL6

Review of Royal Challengers Bangalore on how they are performing on Social Media in IPL6 in comparison to other IPL teams on Social Media.

Royal Challengers Bangalore has been one of the most destructive teams in this year’s IPL. From Gayle going berserk versus Pune to Kohli playing a great captain’s innings when required, RCB has one of the most hardcore fan following in IPL (Remember ‘Aaaarr Cee Beee’ chants). So, how is the team doing when it comes to building their digital presence in this year’s IPL? Let’s find out. We have used Unmetric and Brandwatch for analysis purposes (3rd April – 27th April 2013).

RCB on Facebook

Below is the Engagement Rate and Fan Growth Rate breakdown of RCB in this year’s IPL:

RCB Engagement Rate Facebook
Source: UnMetric

It would be interesting to know that fan growth rate tends to increase for RCB on match day and the engagement seems to soar up the day after, which might be attributed to post match excitement by the fans. On the demographics front, 82% of the RCB fans are male while 55% of the fans belong to the age category of ‘below 21’. This signifies the fact that IPL on social media is a hit more amongst the teens who would aspire to be the next gen of Tendulkars and Gayles. When it comes to engagement, Gayle has created some kind of storm here too. RCB fans love him and they show it totally on their Facebook page. The top 5 engaged posts for RCB in this year’s IPL has been clearly dominated by Gayle and his heroics.

Post Post Type Post Engagement Rate Applause Rate Conversation Rate Amplification Rate
We are defending 263 courtesy…






The Storm that broke many records…






Finished it in style! Take a bow Captain Kohli…






Spin Maestro Muttiah Muralitharan turns 41 today.






Absolute Carnage! Chris Gayle take a bow!






Although RCB does see a lot of traction on it’s Facebook wall (more than 450 fan posts), the page admin does not respond/acknowledge any of the fan posts. This has been a consistent trend in this year’s IPL, with no IPL team on Facebook replying to fan’s questions/suggestions. You can be a part of an exclusive fan club of RCB on their Facebook page itself with the IPL team having an application where people can join the exclusive club for latest news around their favourite team. According to Unmetric, the app is boasting of more than 1.6K monthly active users in April 2013.

Royal Challengers Bangalore is also promoting Augmented Reality enhanced tickets on their Facebook page which is good and a first-of-its-kind initiative by any IPL team. When it comes to activity, the content is mostly surrounded around RCB’s captain Virat Kohli and the man of the hour Chris Gayle which on a general basis receives greater traction. Tuesday receives the maximum engagement while Monday seems to be the least active day for RCB.

Day Wise Engagement RCB Facebook in IPL6
Source: UnMetric

Post Trend

Using Brandwatch which is used for Listening and Monitoring purposes, we analysed RCB’s presence and mentions over Social Media on their journey in IPL6. Below is the chatter volume related to RCB on different social media platforms:

Post Wise Trend RCB Source: BrandWatch
Source: BrandWatch

Gayle’s Innings against Pune Warriors generated the maximum buzz around RCB with most of it coming from Twitter. Most of the influential tweets were registered during that day with most of them being a humoristic view of Gayle’s innings. Below is the Hashtag Cloud for RCB with most number of mentions:

Hashtag Cloud RCB in IPL6
Source: BrandWatch

Media Type Analysis

Twitter forms bulk of the conversation generator for RCB with a Share of Voice of 75%. Most of the sports blogs also had content related to IPL and RCB which were being discussed in Forums.

Media Type SoV- RCB in IPL6
Source: BrandWatch

In terms of sentiment, the overall Sentiment of RCB stands at 1.97:1 (For every 2 positive comments, there is a negative comment about RCB). Twitter and Facebook had the most positive sentiments amongst all the channels. Below is the Channel wise breakdown of Sentiment analysis:

Media Type wise Sentiment - RCB in IPL6
Source: BrandWatch

RCB on Twitter

The average Fan Growth Rate for @RCBTweets has been around 2.6% in April. When coupled with mentions of the account, the account received almost 10X increase in mentions when Gayle blasted Pune Warriors thus boosting their engagement to a new level. This has led to a sudden spur in new followers for the next day. The content has been revolving around all the news and happenings around the team and not just stuck to match-day commentary, which is a good thing to see with this IPL team.

Twitter Mentions & Follower Growth @RCBTweets in IPL6

Most of the tweeting activity by the RCB handle is around the match timings (6 PM – 12 AM) while 6% of their tweets were replies to other fans.  The top 5 influencers participating in conversations related to Royal Challengers on Twitter thus maximizing their reach are listed below:

RCB on YouTube

Royal Challengers TV has been the top most viewed IPL team channel in this year’s edition. The team’s channel has been one of the most active ones on YouTube with a lot of content posted around locker room stories and travel videos being shared with the Fans. More than 1.38 new video views have been registered in this year’s edition for RCB’s YouTube Channel. Owing to this, the subscriber base has seen 158% growth with more than 9.7K subscribers currently.

YouTube Growth RoyalChallengersTV in IPL6
Source: UnMetric

The best of the lot on YouTube again is the video footage of Gayle after his innings of 175* against Pune. The video has received more than 202K views and close to 100 comments. Here again the content revolves around Gayle, which surely their agency has realised is  the content which resonates the maximum with the IPL audience.

Their website invokes major traffic from India (86%) with average time of 3 minutes being spent by each visitor on to the site. 11.95% of the site’s referral is from social media which is quite high, as compared to Chennai Super Kings.

RCB -Social Referrers
Source: SimilarWeb.com

Overall, Royal Challengers Bangalore have Gayle as a trump card to boost up their engagement on and off the field which they have been using to their maximum potential. People love the way he plays on the field and love to know about him on social. RCB has got their content strategy spot on, as far as Facebook is concerned along with Twitter and YouTube. However, Pinterest is something they could still look at to better. Can they do it? With Gayle in the team, anything is possible.

What is the best thing you love about RCB? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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