Raymond India Mother’s Day Facebook Contest Fails To Impress

Article on the Raymond India Mothers Day Facebook Contest and why does it Fails To Impress.

[pullquote id =”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]God could not be present everywhere so he created mothers - Jewish proverb.[/pullquote]

That is so true! For a mother, a child is always a child and so it becomes important to give her happiness in return. Ways could be different and like all days that we celebrate in a year, we have a Mother’s Day too. Not that a day is enough to express your love but you can consider 13th May 2012 as a special day to do this. And as we know brands are always on the hunt for occasions where they can connect with customers. Raymond India, which believes in delivering a complete man with its complete range of men’s clothing, is celebrating Mother’s Day in style and on Facebook.

Mother’s day Facebook contest:

The Facebook contest titled ‘Mother’s Day’ is open for everyone and the page has got a dedicated app for the contest. So just log into Facebook and click here to land up on the contest page. The contest which is open till 10th may, 2012 is an elementary one. To participate in the contest, you need to upload your favorite picture or video or a sound clip that explains the special moment and significance. So this could be that proud moment for your mother when you got your first pay cheque or it could be a click from a happy trip that you went along with your mother. I believe there would be countless memories that could be shared and besides this if the team at Raymond India likes your submission, then you stand a chance to win some amazing goodies. The grand prize to be won by one lucky son is a trip to Singapore with his mother. Now isn’t that a lovely gift for your mother on this Mother’s Day?

Raymond India

Is it an interesting contest?

The idea of the brand to target son and mother bonding during the occasion of Mother’s Day is fine, not unheard of before! But the execution on Facebook is quite shabby. The reason being the lack of instructions on where should one upload the picture or videos for the contest. The app does say that you can do it on the Facebook wall but wouldn’t it have been great if Raymond India created a dashboard within the contest app. The dashboard would have made it easy for the participants to upload their pictures and videos. Along with this, it would provide for an appealing repository to check out what other participants are uploading. This would have obviously helped in creating some more buzz for the contest.

The app has also not incorporated some of the basic Facebook features. One of them is sharing the contest with other Facebook friends. I believe these are simple things but if done neatly, it builds on the popularity of the contest. Running Facebook ads for the occasion might just get you the desired clicks but expecting the fan to do something after he visits, would be highly demanding in such scenarios.

For me the Facebook contest by Raymond India is just a lip service and in a way ends up by running too many contests without having a clue of user experience. For me the Facebook contest is a #fail, what about you?