Raymond Explores The Complete Man With #DriveForPassion On Facebook

Review of Raymond's Drive for Passion campaign on social media, where fans can share their driving stories and win a chance to ride the T-Rex


Raymond, the clothing brand for ‘The Complete Man’ is now on the lookout for the complete man’s passionate side. One of the leading brands in textiles and apparel that is quite trusted for its woolen fabrics, Raymond has now shifted focus from the complete man’s duties as a caring father, husband and son, to explore his personal side – his passion and interests in life.

As an extension to the Autumn Winter Collection 2013 launch, Raymond has unveiled the ‘Drive for Passion’ campaign on social media where fans need to share the story of their first driving lesson or very first car or a road trip taken with friends to win big. Lucky winners can experience the thrill associated with driving a T-Rex!

Driving passion on Facebook

A Facebook app ‘Drive for passion’ on the Raymond page hosts the ‘Drive for passion’ contest. There is no need to ‘like’ the page to be able to enter. Read instructions if needed and get started by clicking on any of the images.


Stories can be in text, images or video form. You can enter your story into the box, upload an image file from your system. Alternately, you can submit a YouTube link about your first drive or first car.

The app also provides for discovering new driving locations and having your friends join in too. Click on ‘share or discover driving locations’ and create a car excursion event with name, description, date and venue. You can select the start and end point of the road trip on a map, before you submit.

Gallery and Events, as the names suggest, displays submissions by others. You can view and ‘like’ their stories. Leaderboard lists nearly 170 entries under each of first drive and first car categories rather than only the highest voted ones.

Apart from numerous wall updates on the Facebook page, the contest is also being promoted on the brand’s Twitter page. Tweets with the hashtag #DriveForPassion and a picture of the T-Rex have been luring users on the micro-blogging platform.

How cool is it?

A nice concept where fans can share their passion for driving, although getting fans to share their stories is a common thing on Facebook. The incentive to drive the legendary T-Rex is sure to drive the young, male demographic on Facebook. However, the Facebook app experience was not a smooth one for me. All throughout my activities on the app, it repeatedly asked me permission to share on my wall on my behalf, and it was very frustrating to keep skipping it!

Besides, a Facebook app without requiring a ‘like’ will not add to the community. Like-gating the Facebook app would have helped grow the brand’s fan base with relevant fans. Although Raymond has created a good engagement with this campaign, it has lost an opportunity to connect and build a community.

Drive for passion could have been more exciting if it had games to engage fans with rather than enabling them to share their driving stories. The target group is sure to enter just for an experience of the T-Rex though!