Rasoi Club, Hub For Homemade Food Engages On Facebook

About home made food platform Rasoi Club Pune and how it is using Facebook for it's business.


There is something about food that bonds us at once. Be it in the exchange of recipes or secret tips, food all over is the universal mark for celebrations and bonding. And each of us has a craving for homemade food especially when away from home. While some of us are always on the lookout for local tiffin providers, there are many with a passion for home cooking and are looking to build a business out of it. Bringing both the parties together is the brand new Pune based venture, Rasoi Club.

When I first heard about Rasoi Club, I was fascinated by the concept. It’s serving as a platform of meeting for homemade meal makers and homemade meal seekers, is something that fulfils a real need. Moreover, the club is actively present on Facebook making it even more accessible and trustworthy. It needs you to register your kitchen so that you can start taking orders. However, all interactions   have to be done on the website. Once registered, you can share recipes from your kitchen along with tempting pictures on Facebook.


The Rasoi Club Facebook page, launched this October, has already managed to garner 350 fans, with 245 as ‘talking about this’. Content being shared is informative and largely maintains a balance in sharing Rasoi club activities and food related tips. Visuals are appealing and it was nice to see that the club has been active during Dusshera, Karwa Chauth as it is now for Diwali. You can place your order for homemade Diwali delicacies now.

Overall, I was impressed with the Facebook strategy as the intent to generate interesting content and create engagement as opposed to aggressive selling  reflects on the page. Going further, the startup could be looking at  creating apps for kitchen registration, order placement, and more. Nevertheless, Rasoi Club has set a good example for startups engaging on social media, and more specifically on Facebook.

So, if you are looking for homemade meals or want to start your home catering business, Rasoi Club has a deal for you!