Ranveer Ching Returns: Ching’s Secret reveals the secret sauce to viral video content

The Mad Max-inspired "Ranveer Ching Returns" factors in storytelling with a Bollywood twist replete with the dance sequences, the funny villain and lissome heroine with wacky dialogues

It’s a post-apocalyptic world, a wasteland rather. Skyscrapers and other modern structures lay in ruins now, mere remnants of a past glory. Civilization has collapsed, foodgrains are scarce and one tyrant is hellbent on a blood bath even for a bag of grains. There are no rules, the fight is for survival. But, there is hope… in a king, a good king.

This isn’t the plot of the next installment of Mad Max. This is the next installment from Ranveer Ching, “Ranveer Ching Returns: The War for Desi Chinese.”

Ching’s Secret, the desi Chinese food brand from Capital Foods has launched its latest ad film ‘Ranveer Ching Returns’ starring the now popular character Ranveer Ching just like a movie release. Designed as a tribute to Mad Max with a Bollywood twist, the ad film… err the movie has got all the ingredients of “a masaaledaar blockbuster including Gaana, Heroine ko pataana, Villain ko bajaana, mazedaar khaana - all with a Desi Chinese tadka,” in the brand’s own words.

True to its words, the film does deliver on its promise as a true-blue Bollywood masala film replete with some foot-tapping numbers despite the dancers being severely malnutritioned up until they had steaming hot desi Chinese food from their new king!

Directed by none other than blockbuster filmmaker Rohit Shetty, starring Ranveer Singh and Tamannaah Bhatia in lead roles, the ad film has lyrics written by Gulzar, screenplay and dialogues by Milap Jhaveri, while the story is by Rajesh Narasimhan.

The five-and-half-minute film starts with a male voiceover describing the hopeless situation in this world as the scenes take us through the horrors, even as the female lead Tamannaah looks on hopefully for a saviour. In enters our ever vivacious Ranveer Ching donning a Red Indian feathered headgear and armoured jacket. He beats up the bad guys in a jiffy, just like those washermen beating the dirt out of clothes at the ghats. “Jaa ke bol do apne boss ko, ki Bhatinda ho ya Beijing, ek hi king…Ranveer Ching,” goes the first dialogue and you know what you can expect from now on.

He cooks desi chinese and feeds the impoverished junta. He wins her over, but she plays hard to get (as usual).

He begins to flirt with her (in quintessential Ranveer Singh not Ching style): “Aaj mausam… bada… schezwan hai… bada,” as she cuts him off. A few crazy dialogues later, he makes his final move: “Main jaantha tha..tum manchow nahi…bhav khaogi.” They break into a dance, and of course, are joined by the now tummy-happy residents of wasteland, or maybe it is Bhatinda or Beijing.

The gala time is soon over. The evil boss arrives with revenge on his mind; he introduces himself as “Chu” and our hero comes up with a tongue-in-cheek retort, “Tu tho bahuth bada chu hain, international chu hain, …tere naam ka mantar hona chahiye - chu kar tere man ko kiya …one two chu chu chu..  two two chu chu chu..” You can’t help the guffaws now!

Mr. Ching finishes Chu’s men in a jiffy and traps Chu, who now bewildered, asks him: “Kya khaata hain be?”. “Desi Chinese,” replies our hero, with his heroine alongside. When she asks him where he learnt his desi Chinese, he tells her about his mother – Ma Ching. The scene cuts to a kitchen with Ma Ching (again played by Ranveer) while the text says “to be continued…”

The video has raked in more than 9.5 million views since its upload on Ching’s Secret YouTube channel a fortnight ago. The first million views were clocked on the first day itself.

Not another ‘bhookh lagi hai - mummy khaana do’ ad

Instead of going to a reputed advertising or digital agency, Capital Foods turned to YRF Talent, a mainstream Bollywood production house, as the idea was to break away from the ordinary and create something special for its audience. The video description begins by describing its audience demographic and taking a clear dig at a popular instant noodle brand: “The Ching’s audience is a really smart, young and cool one. And instead of boring you with another ‘bhookh lagi hai - khaana do’ ad with moms and kids - we’d rather entertain you.” And boy, entertain us they sure did!

The treatment meted out to the launch matched with any other Bollywood movie marketing. A trailer video and poster was rolled out earlier, ten days before to be precise. Ranveer, who is more a marketing partner than just a brand endorsing celebrity, played an active part in amplifying the brand’s efforts in buzz creation. With over 3.35 million followers on Twitter, getting the word out wasn’t an uphill trek.

The minute-long trailer released on August 10 set the tone for Ranveer Ching Returns. Social media distribution also ensured an experience of a lifetime for Ranveer fans. Fans were given the opportunity to attend the premiere with Ranveer, Tamannaah and Rohit Shetty. Fans needed to answer why they were Ranveer’s biggest fans along with their contact details. Winners attended the film’s premiere on August 19 in cinemas, while the digital audience wasn’t ignored. The movie premiere was live-streamed using Periscope!

From the trailer launch to the movie launch, the social media platforms of Ching’s Secret were on steroids, sharing and engaging digital users with posters and tidbits about what special was in store for them. The fast food brand is now welcoming Dubsmash videos inviting fans to lipsync the movie dialogues.

Undoubtedly, Ranveer is as comfortable in a period film as he is in a condom ad or playing a wacky fictional character like Ranveer Ching for a desi chinese brand. Back in 2014, he introduced himself in a full-blown 3-minute dance video, aptly titled, “My name is  Ranveer Ching.” “The Manchow Rap” was sung by Arijit Singh with music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and was hailed a digital innovation in its time.

This time around the marketing has evolved. The Mad Max-inspired “Ranveer Ching Returns” factors in storytelling, than just another song and dance video by a reigning popular actor. Adding the Bollywood twist replete with the dance sequences, the funny villain and lissome heroine with wacky dialogues makes for a complete mass market appeal. Social media distribution has been thoughtful and creative.

The film has more than capitalized on Ranveer’s popularity, it has positioned Ching’s Secret as a tailor made solution for all your desi chinese food cravings at home. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next from the brand!