This FIFA World Cup Pledge To Support Lives As You Cheer For Your Favourite Team, Courtesy Rang De

Non-profit organization, Rang De that provides microcredit to small businesses, has launched the FIFA WOrld Cup campaign appealing football fans to take a pledge to support borrowers as they cheer for their players

Rang De football pledge

Something beautiful is happening around the beautiful game. A non-profit organisation, Rang De that provides microcredit to small businesses and education, is reaching out to all football fans in the country and getting them to support life as they support their favourite teams. Rang De is making an appeal to fans to pledge their support to the organization’s cause this FIFA World cup 2014.

One can take a pledge to invest a certain amount to a Rang De borrower every time they cheer for their favourite team or player. The campaign is on at the Rang De site where one has to choose their favourite team or player and record their pledge. For instance, you can add a pledge like this: “I pledge to invest Rs 200 in a Rang De borrower for every goal that Netherlands scores”.

You can read a whole lot of interesting pledges taken by FIFA fans. “For Brazil’s world cup win, I pledge to invest 5000!”, “I pledge to double my usual monthly 10K contribution if Argentina win!!”, “If Neymar wins the golden ball I will invest Rs. 500”.

After making the pledge, you can invite friends too by sharing your pledge with your social connections. Get your friends and family to like it because the most popular pledges get featured separately and are eligible to win prizes from Rang De!

If your pledge is met, you can fulfill it by supporting a Rang De borrower on the organization’s site.


The campaign website lets you select your favourite player or team and add your pledge. The ‘pledge feed’ below that lists pledges taken by others.

The organization is also leveraging social media to spread the word. Rang De’s Twitter handle is actively tweeting about the games and connecting with football fans while inviting them to pledge for the campaign.

A timely appeal

Rang De’s FIFA campaign is not only a timely one but also connects well around the FIFA world cup theme. For the non-profit organization, it is always a challenge to get social investors on board. By making appeals to football fans during the FIFA World Cup campaign, Rang De has managed to engage them meaningfully, and hopefully created some new investors for the microlending organization.

The inclusion of prizes for the most popular pledges makes it even more socially shareable and appealing. So do make your pledges before the finals decide the team that takes the FIFA World cup home.