Decorate A Christmas Tree And Wish Poverty Away Through Rang De

About peer-to-peer microlending platform, Rang De's Christmas tree decoration where one can make a social investment and help decorate the Rang De Christmas tree


Come Christmas and one finds many ways to play Santa. Rang De, the non-profit organisation that wishes to make poverty history in India, has an adorable proposition this Christmas. You can help the organisation fight poverty away by making a social investment and getting a free gift in return, with which you can decorate the Christmas tree. Your social investment becomes microcredit for needy rural entrepreneurs and a special Christmas for them as well.

There is a dedicated link at the Rang De website which is decorated with Christmas cheer complete with falling snow. You can choose a gift based on your social investment to decorate the tree with. For instance, you get a star for investments between Rs. 100 - 400 and a gift box for investments above Rs. 2000. Select a gift, then select a borrower from the featured list whose life you wish to improve. Then add your gift by making the investment and mouseover the gift on the Christmas tree to see your name!

You can see the total number of gifts and the amount raised at the top. You can also spread the message by sharing on your Facebook wall or tweeting about it.


The Rang De Facebook page has been regularly updating about the Christmas tree decorations with social investments. A cover page invites fans to add their gifts and help grow India’s biggest Christmas tree. An update asks fans to become Santa of the day by decorating the Christmas tree.

In addition, the Rang De Twitter page is also running a Tweetathon where fans can make a wish for India by tweeting using the hashtag #xmaswish4india.

For a social enterprise whose long term goal is to provide a meaningful connect between the urban and rural population and enable individuals to make social investments of their time and money, the Christmas tree decoration is a beautiful concept.